Crosley Full Size Bluetooth Jukebox Review

The past few years have seen a surge in the popularity of all things old timey, whether it be fashion, movie eras, musical styles, or music players themselves. We could argue that it is a rebellion against the cashless digital society in which everything is compressed to a digital file and stored on a computer.

The problem with digital files is they can easily be deleted or destroyed and can be difficult to replace, particularly if you change any of your devices (computer, phone, iPod, etc.). In addition, the compressed files can lend to a rather ear-piercing sound that permeates the music, making it less enjoyable and barely tolerable. There just isn’t anything compared to the traditional sounds of records, or even CDs. CDs produce a very crisp sound and can easily be skipped through.

Decades before we could load all our songs – as files – onto an electronic device like a computer, we could load recorded discs into a jukebox. The jukebox is an illuminated, freestanding music player that was often found in bars, diners, bowling alleys, etc. They were very popular in the 1940s and 1950s. They housed an entire library of music and patrons could select the exact song they wanted to hear: ideal for an entertainment-hungry world after a devastating war. We would even argue that jukeboxes are ideal for a party situation where one person wants to play DJ but everyone wants to hear their favourite song. The ever-popular rounded top jukebox model we see is replicated by the model we are reviewing today: the Crosley full-size Bluetooth jukebox.

Crosley Full Size Bluetooth Jukebox Review

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Crosley Full Size Jukebox Review

Crosley is a century-old entertainment company, manufacturers of fine music players and telephones. Their products are manufactured in the United Kingdom, by hand with utmost attention to detail, and of the highest quality materials. Should you purchase a Crosley jukebox, you can rest assured this is a piece of equipment that will last years and years, put out a fantastic sound, and be the focal point of most parties. Their music players and other electronics are all modeled after classic antique models, but incorporate the needs and wishes of the modern world.

Today we review the Crosley full size jukebox. It is called full size as it measures forty-eight inches tall, or four feet.  And you know what all that size means? It can house a load of music. Not only does it play CDs, it also has Bluetooth technology, meaning it can accept Bluetooth signals from your device, such as a cellphone, so if you are one of those people with digital files for music (no judgment), you can go ahead and connect your phone to the jukebox by means of wireless signal, and play your music. The jukebox also has an AM/FM radio and tiny remote! It features a programmable 20-track memory for customization.



Looking closely, we can see there are some very gorgeous elements to the façade of this jukebox. The primary colours complement each other perfectly when mixed with the warm walnut finish. Red, yellow and blue with funky retro lighting!

The jukebox will add a nice nostalgic retro feel to any party or setting. It has a gorgeous lighted aesthetic quality, perfect decoration. A thing of beauty is a joy forever, but the best things in life add beauty to our surroundings while also providing a functional use. This cabinet is a wood-style walnut finish, with colour-shifting LED light for visual interest and retro appeal. Its blue and red lighting are really fun for any space. If you like to entertain, we highly recommend this model. It is relatively affordable – selling for around $1500 – compared to most other models on the market. It is so like the old models, you will want to play 45s in it! Hint: do not try this. It won’t work.

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That little star detail might be our favourite part of the jukebox. Understated but brings everything together just so.

The CD player is frontloading, making it very accessible and easy to use. If you like, you can buy a base for it to stand upon, sold separately. Not only will it entertain guests and be the perfect backdrop for a 1950s theme party, or any party, really, but it is also so nice to enjoy in solitude or in a small group. Why not throw a summer backyard listening party? The lights will provide a particular ambience of their own, and it’ll cover the music for you. Also, the theme is taken care of. Easy! You can enjoy radio, CDs, or anything from your Bluetooth device. The jukebox weighs about 106 pounds, so it can be easy to move for party purposes with the help of one person. This jukebox is easy to use and has two remotes: one for the lighting and one for controlling the music. You have the option to use the lighting or just the music, which is a nice thing, as we don’t always want to stare into flashing LED lights just to enjoy our favourite song. But it’s sure great to have the option.

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