Corona ClassicCUT Forged Bypass Pruner Review

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Today we review the Corona ClassicCUT bypass pruner.

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You’ll want a good set of pruners for getting rid of deadhead and damaged foliage, shaping plants, and trimming small branches. Pruners are one of the most used gardening tools, and once you have the right pair, you will find yourself enjoying your time in the yard all the more.

The Corona ClassicCUT are good for all-day pruning, the more time-consuming jobs, for they are highly efficient and comfortable to use. Pruners are a gardening essential, as they are stronger than regular scissors. Bypass pruners are similar to scissors in that they work by two blades passing each other.

The blades are curved; one is sharpened on the outside edge and the other is thicker and unsharpened. Bypass pruners are used to trim and cut those woody stems for which house scissors are too weak. This is different from anvil pruners that have one blade, which presses down on the anvil to make a cut.

Anvil pruners are better for the tougher dead wood, as this style of blade often crushes stems while trimming. Bypass pruners allow you to get in close, making clean and easy cuts to save you time and labour, and are ideal for using on live plants.

 Corona offers the strongest and most durable garden cutting tools. They are made through a forging process that compacts steel into the tool. The steel is high-carbon, making a very durable, one-piece tool. After the steel is compacted, Corona heat treats the entire tool and blade so as to retain its strength and hardness after years of using and resharpening.

The blade and hook of the ClassicCUT bypass pruner are hand matched for precision to ensure close and clean cuts. This careful inspection process makes for a high quality tool. The narrow profile hook allows for precision cutting in tighter areas, while the sap groove removes sap and debris.

This handy feature keeps the blade clean so you don’t have to continue cleaning it or deal with a sticky blade. The blades also have a built-in wire cutter notch, making this a two-in-one tool.

 It is built with high-precision pivot bolts and locking nuts to keep the blades and hooks perfectly aligned: the pivot bolt is self-aligning, precision-machined, and adjusts with just one tool. The handles are, of course, non-slip grips for perfect control, while providing enhanced comfort.

You will get maximum performance from first cut to the last with this sharp and durable pair of pruners. The blade and slant-ground hook are deep forged from Coronium steel alloy for strength and durability of their precision edges. Its blades can cut through one inch-thick branches without warping.

The spring gives good and smooth action. This tool gets the job done efficiently, without tiring your hands. These pruners are easy to hold and use, allowing you to get through your entire yard in a day without struggle. They are so efficient and precise in design and execution that you will wish you always had them on you when you notice something that needs trimming.

As powerful as they are, they are lightweight, small, and easy to carry. They measure 1” x 1” x 8.5”. That’s a lot of cutting power in one small tool! If you have a large garden with lots of pruning or deadheading to do, you will really appreciate these pruners as they put less strain on the wrist.

Their quality design ensures they require less pressure to close and this makes the whole pruning experience enjoyable. In fact, it is meditative to be out amongst the plants, listening to the open air and grooming your beloved oxygen producers.

This tool is a no-frills, durable and extremely sharp. Not all pruners allow for replacement of parts, which is unfortunate because over time, after much use, blades and other components may break, wear out, or get damaged. The sign of a higher quality pruner is the availability of replacement parts that are available directly from the manufacturer or distributor.

Less expensive (and lower quality) pruners do not have replacement parts, as it is more cost effective to replace the whole mechanism. Cheaper products will need to be replaced more frequently, which will certainly add up.

You will want to keep these on hand always while doing yardwork, as you will inevitably find use for them no matter the task at hand. Built-in wire cutter adds convenience for multiple jobs. These are great for herbs, vegetables, roses, liquid amber, and all kinds of other pruning jobs.

Remember these blades can trim up to one inch in diameter. When you are done pruning, we recommend cleaning the blades and locking the mechanism to keep the blades closed. In order to prevent rust, you can wipe the blades with some lubricant.

The Corona ClassicCUT sells for around $25 and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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