Coolaroo Constantine Pergola Review

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Installing a permanent pergola can be time consuming and very expensive. There are labour and material costs involved. In addition, it is a huge commitment to the living situation you are in.

However, it is extremely beneficial to have some kind of patio cover when entertaining in the backyard. A pergola creates shade which cools the area beneath it; as well, a pergola provides a focal point for a yard and shields your eyes from the glaring summer sun.

We found a really great pergola that blocks the sun but also enables you to view the stars, while cooling the area beneath it by 32%! How, you ask? Read on!

Today we review the Coolaroo Constantine pergola. It sells for around $400+, which is a bit more expensive than other canopies we have reviewed, but it is well worth the money.

It has all sorts of cool features and is extremely well constructed. It has the usual crossbeam pergola design, with four posts, whose bases have four pre-drilled holes for anchor pins.

It comes with the anchor pins, but depending upon your needs, you may want to go to a hardware store and purchase longer, stronger pins. It is very easy to make the pergola bug-proof; simply add hooks and hang some mosquito netting.

Coolaroo Constantine Pergola Review

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The frame is a dark brown, and this earthy tone will mesh well with any landscaping you have. The pergola stands about seven feet tall, while the canopy falls to about six and a half feet.

It not only will protect you from the sun, but also your patio furniture. Sunrays tend to blanch out colour from patio furniture, but with a canopy over your furniture, its colours will stay truer longer.

The Coolaroo pergola comes with the traditional pergola frame, with posts and crossbeams, but it also comes with a retractable canopy for additional protection from the sun.

Beware that the canopy is mesh so it does not act as rain shelter; but you can count on it to stand up to rain and not break down with a bit of exposure to moisture.

There are many design possibilities for this pergola. It measures nine by nine feet. If this does not work with your patio layout, you can stick the posts into planters and grow ivy up the posts!

Any climbing vine will look lovely. You can choose flowers or even grapes, enjoy their look and smell, and then harvest them when ripe.

This will create a rather Mediterranean atmosphere especially on hot summer days. You can also hang it with twinkle lights for a very intimate, chic backyard.

What’s best is the retractable canopy it comes with: keep it closed during the day, and at night, as the stars come out, simply pull the canopy back and look up through the crossbeams to enjoy a summer sky.

Its beautiful architectural elements will bring sophistication to your backyard that you can be proud of. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it also throws shade that reduces temperature by up to 32%.

In addition, it will protect patio furniture and decking from sun damage.

Coolaroo Constantine Pergola Review

This pergola holds up well to the wind, and stays pretty quiet despite its rollers and hooks. We highly recommend anchoring it, not just to keep it up during wind, but also to improve the overall structural integrity.

It is entirely possible to fill the posts with sand. Simply remove the post cap and add sand; however, be sure to do this last, after the posts are anchored.

Another option, if you are unable to bolt the posts down, is to fill some planters with sand or cement, depending on how permanent you want the pergola to be.

The frame is lightweight, but a heavy-duty aluminum that is powder-coated. Powder coating is a very popular practice when it comes to patio furniture.

It has the same effect as painting, only the compounds do not require a solvent to keep everything together; as well, it tends to be a thermoplastic, which creates a hard finish that is tougher than paint.

It tends to look nicer than regular paint, as there is no running or sagging with powder coating. This makes for a much nicer finish than paint.

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It is a little heavy and will certainly require two people to assemble it. The Coolaroo pergola is truly amazing once assembled.

Be careful to retract or remove the fabric canopy before the snow falls, as it will not be able to support the weight. We highly recommend thoroughly reading the instructions once or twice before you begin assembly.

Like a recipe, you must make sure you have all the pieces and understand the steps required of you before you take on the mission. The setup should take one to two hours, depending on how fast you are.

The Coolaroo Constantine pergola measures 9’x9’ and sells for around $400+.

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