Comfort Line Spa-N-A-Box Review

The Comfort Line Spa-N-A-Box is a spa that costs a fraction of the price of large hot tubs, but provides the same soothing relief that you need after a long day. Massage is actually a great way to relieve stress and muscle aches as well as gain mental calmness. Instead of spending hours with a massage therapist, which can cost you thousands of dollars, you can relax in the comfort of your own home. It’s an investment that your friends will treasure, too.


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Pros of the Comfort Line Spa N a Box

  • Easy setup
  • No special wiring
  • Plumbing not required
  • Insulated cover
  • Seats 5 adults
  • Reversible panels
  • Heater included

Cons of the Spa

  • Can be noisy

First Impressions

The Comfort Line Spa-N-A-Box is a wonderful spa with easy setup at a reasonable price. It comes with a heater, inflatable cover, and micro air-jets. It doesn’t require a separate hookup or special installation of electrical or plumbing to enjoy the spa.

The spa doesn’t have water jets, but it does have holes where air blows through the ring. It creates pressure that feels much like actual jets and can give you an incredible massage. The water is heated as well, so you get a soothing spa with a turbo wave that feels just like an expensive spa for a fraction of the price.

Simple Assembly

This is an incredible spa that you can build yourself. It has reversible panels. One side is red cherry while the other is dark walnut, so you can pick the color that fits best within your home. The interlocking panels can be set up quite easily since they slide into place. The interior liner is placed in after the panels are set, and it’s simply a matter of filling the spa with water. You can’t get an easier setup process than that.

Doesn’t Need Wiring or Plumbing Installation

With large spas and hot tubs that come assembled, you’ll have to have an electrician install additional wiring. A plumber might have to feed pipes into the spa, too. That isn’t required with this spa. You’ll be able to move it where it’s needed, and if you move, you can definitely take it with you.

While you don’t need special wiring or plumbing, you’ll still want to place this spa on a pad or place it where the flooring or ground can hold the weight. With gallons and gallons of water, it’ll become extremely heavy. The weight of the spa itself is less than 100 pounds, but with water, it could see a weight that is 5 to 10 times as much.

Reversible Panels

When you receive the spa, you’ll have a choice between the red cherry finish or the dark walnut finish. The panels are reversible, but once you’ve set them up, it’ll be tough to turn them. You’d have to empty the spa before you could change the panel colors.

If you can’t decide on the color you want, consider doing something creative like alternating colors, or have one side cherry and the other dark walnut. It’ll be like having two spas in the same space. It’ll blend beautifully with your décor if you keep the right color facing the rest of the house and the other side facing the backyard. The choice is completely yours.

Heater and Insulated Cover

The Comfort Line Spa-N-A-Box comes with a heater to keep the water at a perfect temperature at all times. When it’s not in use, the insulated cover will keep the heat trapped inside, so you don’t have to spend hours waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest temperature the spa can reach?
The Spa-N-A-Box can reach up to 104 degrees. Keep the heater running at a low setting and use the insulated cover to keep it warm for each time you want to use it.

Does the spa have jets? How does the water move?
The spa doesn’t have what you’d consider traditional jets. Air moves through micro air-jets to simulate water jets. It’ll have the same desired impact as a massage device.

Are there seats in this spa?
The spa doesn’t have seats. You sink into the water and the padded bottom cushions you. As a relaxation technique, you’ll want to float and experience zero-gravity relief from all your aches and pains anyway.


The Comfort Line Spa-N-A-Box is such a convenient, affordable way to enjoy a spa without spending all that extra money on wiring and plumbing. It’ll give you a relaxing massage and a place where you can savor time with friends in a bubbling, heated hot tub. The cover will keep you from losing heat, which will reduce the consumption of energy. This will keep costs down, too.

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