Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill XLE Review

You have a tiny backyard with a miniature patio. Whenever your neighbors have people over their house for a BBQ, you’re pressed to the fence with envy in your heart.

It’s uncomfortable for everyone involved, but you don’t have to be envious of your neighbors if you find a grill that fits in your limited space.

Imagine a compact grill where you can share burgers with an intimate group of friends while sitting around your cozy patio. Instead of envy, you’re free to enjoy the backyard and become the hero for all your neighbors with tiny backyards.

How do you become a backyard hero among your neighbors? With a Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill.

We’re going to review this Coleman Road Trip grill for you, so you can see how perfect it would be for your own backyard when you don’t have unlimited space.

coleman portable xle

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Features to Love

  • Interchangeable cooktops
  • 8 different colors
  • Matchless lighting
  • Collapsible stand
  • Wheels
  • Sliding side tables
  • Easy to clean

Technical Details

  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Dimensions: 19.13 x 13.5 x 33.75 inches
  • Weight: 53 pounds
  • BTUs: 20,000
  • Cooking Surface: 285 sq. in.

Coleman Company

The Coleman company was originally founded by W. C. Coleman after he saw a new type of light that burned with gasoline. He had poor eyesight.

The current lights of the time were fueled by kerosene and had a smoky, flickering light that didn’t let him read books. Eventually, Coleman start producing lights for farms and ranches and become known as The Outdoor Company.

They have a history of outdoor innovation behind them with a line of camping shelters, lanterns, sleeping bags, and stoves and grills.

Interchangeable Cooktops

Imagine cooking outdoors throughout the year and with every meal. It can be done with all the cooktops this grill has available. They don’t all come with this portable grill, but all can be purchased separately.

There’s a griddle for morning pancakes, a full-size griddle for a huge breakfast spread of pancakes, eggs, and sausages. They have stove grates sold separately, too.

This gives you tons of meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who wants to cook indoors when you can have hearty meals over an open flame.

Instastart Ignition

You don’t have to fuss with starter fluid, matches, or lighters with this propane grill. It comes with Instastart technology, which means that you can ignite the burners with one touch of a button.

Even on windy days, you’ll be able to grill without hunching over the grill with matches or a grill lighter.

PerfectFlow Technology

In extreme conditions, PerfectFlow will keep the flame and pressure of the propane regulated. You won’t end up with flickering flames or flareups.

This is especially helpful in situations where you need a steady supply of fuel for cooking. There’s nothing worse than trying to sear grill lines on your steaks when the flames are unsteady.

It works in cold weather and high altitudes, too. In case you live in an area that has high elevations and cold winter months. No reason you can’t grill out on a patio as long as you’re wearing your snow gear!

Side Tables

coleman portable grill xle

The side tables are fantastic features on this grill. They don’t stick out all the time, so you can move them from under the grill only when you need them.

They can hold ingredients as well as grilling tools. Once you’re done grilling, slide them out of the way to minimize the grills footprint when not in use.

Easy to Clean

The grill itself is easy to clean since it’s made of cast iron with a coating of porcelain on it. This means that your food won’t stick, and it’s easy to remove grease from the grill part.

There’s a grease tray underneath that is removable for easy cleanup, too.

Compact Storage

The best feature of this grill is the ability to store it in a place where you don’t have a ton of room. When you have a small patch of backyard, all the square footage is essential.

You don’t need a grill standing there taking up space when it’s not being used. The side tables slide under the grill, and the legs fold down. It has a handle and wheels to bring it wherever you want.

Portable Design

coleman xle portable grill

When you fold this up for storage, you can also use this in a variety of locations. Imagine tailgating, heading to the local park, or using it at a friend’s house. It’s portable yet it’s substantial, too. It’ll handle multiple burgers and small sides of beef with ease.

The Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill XLE is a sleek, portable grill that will fit on your patio, so you can be the envy of your block instead of your neighbors.

You can take this grill on the road with you, too. We recommend this grill for anyone who has a small space and needs a grill that can easily be moved to make room for other outdoor adventures.

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