CobraCo Diamond Mesh Fire Pit Review

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An outdoor firepit will add so much to your backyard experience. We all want to entertain people in the summertime, and many of us go to great lengths to think of party themes or give people a reason to pop over, as though our company weren’t enough.

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Host With The Most

With a firepit, you can centre all kinds of get-togethers around such a feature. Whereas people usually host barbecues, you can host a fire party, which will appeal to guests because everyone loves a fire.

Barbecues make food taste great and smoky, but their nature leaves the cooking duties all up to one person.

Additionally, propane tanks can pose safety hazards, and barbecue flames can easily get out of control. With a fire pit, they look much nicer, and create a focal point for different areas of the yard.

You can set up a firepit and grow a little garden near it, for example. A barbecue kind of just sits there.

There are all kinds of portable firepits on the market, because in a lot of big cities, in-ground fire pits are illegal or require a permit depending on the amount of land you own.

We say: fire pits for all! A portable fire pit allows you to move the location of the fire, too, if you decide you like an area of the yard better than another.

Additionally, you can take it with you when you go camping, to the beach, or to the cottage! No matter what kind of fire pit you get, you will also want to get a cover for it, and a spark screen for the sake of safety.

Many fire pits do not include these accessories; today we review one that does include these accessories!

CobraCo Diamond Mesh Fire Pit Review

Today we review the Cobraco Diamond Mesh fire pit.

This baby, as mentioned, comes with a handy cover that will protect the bowl from rainfall. Rain water buildup will rust the fire pit and weaken the structural integrity.

Also, debris getting into the firepit will be such a pain to clean out, so the cover is a very handy addition, indeed!

Diamond-Mesh Fire Pit

This fire pit has a diamond mesh perimeter that is five inches wide, a convenient place to set snacks or drinks.

The fire bowl itself is a separate compartment, so there is minimal heat transfer to this part of the fire pit.

If you choose not to use it, it provides lovely decoration. The mesh provides a safety barrier while allowing all guests a 360 degree view of the fire.

This multi-angle approach will add the nicest ambience. Its mesh screen allows for flames to do their thing while protecting you from flying sparks and embers.

Sturdy Construction

The fire pit is composed of sturdy steel construction for a long life. It includes built-in risers for maximum air flow.

The diamond mesh extends to the bowl of the fire pit. We all know a good fire depends on the air flow. This will add a nice bit of warmth to your garden of patio.

There is a high temperature black paint finish, making this design versatile for any kind of décor you have, offering cozy atmosphere.

cobraco fire pit

This firepit sells for around $230. The base is very sturdy, with four metal legs that curve outward for design appeal and maximum sturdiness.

This fire pit weighs 44 pounds, so it is very easy to transport or move around the yard. This is very easy to assemble and comes with instructions.

To Consider

Of course, metal is not entirely weatherproof. The vinyl cover will help protect it, but there are some other tricks to ensuring its longevity:

  • Before building a fire with logs, line the bowl with sand. This will absorb a lot of the heat and take the stress of the bowl itself.
  • Do not burn trash in the firepit
  • Let the fire die down naturally. Pouring cold water on the metal can shock it and weaken its integrity.
  • Remove ash once the pit is cooled down
  • Keep it covered and clean when not in use
  • Use dry, seasoned hardwoods like oak or ash. These will burn much cleaner.

All in all, this is a good firepit size that will hold firewood, and you won’t have to cut it into smaller pieces. The wide base of the feet makes for a very stable fire pit that you can feel safe use or resting your things along the edge.

The mesh is cleverly designed to keep air flow consistent so you don’t have to worry about constantly adding firewood or poking around.

mesh fire pit review

We must remind to you to check with all bylaw regulations before using, and to never place this on a wooden deck. Never use it on dried leaves or any flammable surface. Use it on concrete or metal only!

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