Classic Accessories Veranda Chiminea Cover Review

The Classic Accessories Veranda Chiminea Cover is perfect for many chimineas up to 22 inches in diameter and 52.75 inches in height. It’s sewn to fit the shape of the chiminea, so it’s snug and watertight. There’s a three-year limited warranty for the Veranda cover, too. There will be no reason to return the cover, but in case of defect, they’ll allow easy returns. There’s so much to love about the Veranda cover.

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Pros of the CA Veranda Chiminea Cover

  • Elastic cord toggle at the hem
  • Click straps for the legs
  • Strong interior seams
  • Padded handles
  • Limited warranty
  • Water resistant
  • Dark splash guard skirt

Cons of the Veranda Cover

  • Strictly for the chiminea – can’t be used for other outdoor pieces

Elastic Cord and Click Straps

Around the bottom of the cover is an elastic cord sewn right into the seam. It has a toggle in there as well. This allows you to tighten the bottom of the cover to fit snugly around the chiminea legs and lock it in place with the toggle on the string. Many other covers and tarps will fly away in a high wind, but this feature keeps the cover secure.

The click-close straps on the bottom of the cover will attach to the legs for extra wind protection. The cover can’t protect anything if it’s flapping in the wind or flies away during a storm. The straps on the bottom will wrap around the legs and latch closed for extra security.

Durable Construction

When you think about leaving your chiminea outside during a storm, you’ll want a cover that can put up with all that Mother Nature has to throw at it. If you live in a climate that has long, cold winters and rainy springs, the cover has to be able to spend at least 6 months covering your outdoor equipment.

The covers from Classic Accessories all have interior bound seams, which give them added strength. The seams are what tear when they’re being battered by a storm. There’s also high-density stitching on the covers to make them more durable.

Padded Handles

On top of the cover is a padded handle to make removal of the cover so much easier. All you have to do is release the toggle of the drawstring, unlatch the straps around the legs and lift with the padded handle to release the cover. You’re all ready to start the chiminea up and enjoy the warmth of a blazing fire.

Water Resistant and Repellent

The top material is made of a water-resistant polyester that will repel moisture and protect the chiminea from the elements. The real hero of the cover is the protective backing that is completely waterproof. The back is a PVC that is incredibly waterproof. It’s the same material used in plumbing pipes.

Along with these two materials working together to provide moisture protection, the dark splash guard will ensure that your cover doesn’t show any of the mud and dirt that will splash up onto the cover when it rains. The rain and mud won’t penetrate the cover, but you don’t want to see it looking dirty out in your yard, either.


The measurements of the chiminea cover mean that its meant to cover the shape of an outdoor chimney/fireplace. It’s thinner at the top with a wide bottom specifically for the silhouette of the chiminea. It can cover your outdoor fireplace as long as it fits within the measurements of the AC Veranda Cover. It doesn’t have to be completely snug because you’ll be able to tighten the bottom of the cover and use the straps on the legs.

Venting in the Cover

The cover has small vents that allow air to pass through during high winds. The vents are too small and constructed in a certain way to keep the rain from entering. The slits in the cover provide ventilation for the interior, too. You don’t want condensation to build up under the cover since that would ruin your clay or metal chiminea as much as rain from a storm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the cover protect from winter snow and freezing temperatures?
The cover will provide some protection from rain and snow, but if you see temperatures that reach below zero, you might want to bring your chiminea into the garage.

Can I purchase this in a different color?
The Veranda cover is available in Pebble, Bark, and Earth colors.

The Classic Accessories Veranda Chiminea Cover has a thick, waterproof material that fits snugly over the outdoor fireplace to ensure that it’s protected against the elements. It has air vents to reduce condensation as well as click-close leg straps and a toggle elastic hem to create a snug fit. The Veranda cover comes with a 3-year warranty that guarantees against mold, mildew, and sun damage.

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