Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Gas Grill Review

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It’s time to think about your backyard cookout needs. Whether it’s a small, intimate BBQ with the family or a huge party where your grill master skills are about to become legendary, you’ll want a grill that can handle both situations with ease.

Today, we’re here to talk about the Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Gas Grill. This piece of equipment can handle a big blowout where you invite all your friends and extended family for a day of feasting.

It’s not so big that it can’t be fired up for a few hot dogs or steaks for two, either.

Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Gas Grill

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Features to Love

  • Metal side shelves
  • Piezo ignition system
  • Porcelain-coated steel lid
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Large wheels

Technical Details

  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Dimensions: 45.6 x 24.1 x 41.9 inches
  • Weight: 42.4 pounds
  • BTUs: 20,000
  • Cooking Surface: 280 square inches

Char-Broil History

The company has been making grills since 1948 when they brought their first charcoal grill to the public. It was one of the first in the world.

Before 1948, people weren’t grilling outside for fun. They’ve been obsessed with innovation since that first charcoal grill hit the market.

They came up with concepts like the TRU-infrared cooking system and the deep turkey fryer. They believe there’s a grill for every type of griller.

Porcelain-Coated Steel Firebox and Lid

The lid and firebox are made with steel that is reinforced with a porcelain coating. The coating ensures that your grill can stay outside in the elements without rusting.

This increases their durability, and keeps you from having to put the grill away in the garage every time there’s a slight bit of rain. While the coating protects the surface, to keep it clean, you should get a tarp to cover the grill when it’s not being used.

Stainless Steel Burners

There are two burners in this grill. They will consistently and evenly cook all the food placed on the rack. You can use one side of the grill for burgers and the other side for hot dogs or sausages.

They provide better low heat than other style burners. The burner top helps to distribute heat evenly, and comes off for easy cleaning, too.

Cooking Space

The grates are porcelain-coated like the lid and firebox. The cooking surface measures 20 inches wide and 14 inches deep for plenty of cooking space.

As pictured, you can cook 6 burgers on a side with plenty of space for hot dogs, corn on the cob, or sausages on the other side. There are separate knobs for each burner, so you have ultimate control of the fire level.

The company recommends that you burn off any food that happens to be stuck on the grates.

Once the grates have cooled, you can clean it with a soft, nylon grill brush.

Don’t use a wire or metal brush since that can remove the porcelain coating from the grate.

Metal Side Shelves

The shelves on the side of the grill are perfect for holding spices, ingredients including buns as well as plates or cooking utensils. They’re easy to clean and can be removed if you don’t have enough space for the grill, or it needs to be stored for the winter.

Each shelf is 12 inches wide and 13.5 inches deep, so they can easily hold ingredients or plates of food. You can leave a serving plate on the side of the grill while you make burger after burger for your hungry guests.

Piezo Ignition

With the push of a button, you can fire up the grill without having to use matches or a lighter. Press the ignition button and hear the whoosh of the flames. From there, you can adjust the level of the flame with a dial for each burner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be adapted to fit in a smaller space?

You don’t have to assemble it with both side shelves. Leave one or both of them off if you need the room.

Is there a grease tray for easy cleanup?

There’s a cup directly below the firebox, so you can clean the grease easily after cooking.

Can the grill be moved around easily?

There are 6-inch wheels on one side of the grill, so you can tilt the grill and move it around the patio or backyard.


We recommend the Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Gas Grill for your next backyard party. It’s large enough to easily feed a dozen hungry guests.

It can be moved around the backyard or patio, and it’s easy to clean once you’re done showing off your grill master, culinary skills to hungry guests.

If you need to store this grill for the winter, it can be wheeled into the garage and the side tables can be removed.

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