Camp Chef Explorer 2 Cooking Stove Review

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The Camp Chef Explorer 2 Cooking Stove is a great stove for the backyard or while camping.

If you’ve ever been camping with a family of four and a small camp stove, you know the frustration of trying to cook breakfast for them.

You can attach a flat top griddle to this stove and make eggs and pancakes for the entire family directly on the stove. In the backyard, you can adapt the grill to any type of food with the right accessory.

This stove won the distinction of being the choice for Fish Alaska’s Editor’s Choice Award.

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Pros of the Camp Chef Explorer 2 Cooking Stove

  • Patented double burners
  • Mix and match cook tops
  • Huge cooking space
  • Appliance-style knobs
  • 3-sided wind screen
  • BTU output of 30,000 per burner

Cons of the Cooking Stove

  • Some difficulty in assembly

Patented Double Burners

The double burners have a blue flame. The cast aluminum burners connect to a tank with a regulator that will help you keep the flame under control.

The burners have an output of 30,000 BTU for each side. That’s a lot of heat and flame, so a regulator isn’t a bad idea.

There’s a part that’s sold separately that allows you to use disposable propane or natural gas bottles, too.

Ability to Expand the Cook Top

The cooking stove comes with two simple burners that you can use with your pots and pans. It allows you to set up in your campsite or in your backyard with a cooking stove that is much like the stove in your home. That’s great for the days when it’s too hot to cook indoors.

The stove can be adapted with a few different cook tops. There is a barbecue cook top that will slip into place without having to disassemble the stove.

A flat top griddle can be added to the top of the stove for breakfast. It has an internal heat diffuser to ensure even cooking temperatures. There are Dutch oven, artisan ovens, and roaster accessories for this cooking stove, too.

To find the right accessories, look for the logo of the blue flame on your stove. That’s the same logo that will be on the accessories made to fit with this cooking stove. You can add a barbecue top on one side while you keep the other burner open for a pan. It’ll give you an easy way to cook steaks and burgers while boiling corn on the cob.

Large Cooking Space

The large cooking space is what allows you to adapt to different cooking styles and accessories. You could cut the space in half with a grill on one side without feeling like you’re compromising on the amount of space available.

There’s 448 square inches of cooking space for this stove top. That’s 14 x 32 inches, which is plenty of room for feeding all your guests if you use this in your backyard during a party.

Wind Screen, Legs, and Appliance Knobs

The 3-sided wind screen will keep the flame from being put out by the wind. Once you’re standing in front of the stove, you provide the protection for the 4th side.

The legs are easy to remove and attach. They give you 29 inches of height for the cooking stove, but they can be removed to place this stove on top of another surface.

If you love the Camp Chef Cooking Stove, you can add it to your grilling station in the backyard where you might not need the legs.

The knobs of the cooking stove make it feel like you’re indoors cooking. You don’t have to worry about burning your food, or leaving it so low that it feels like it takes forever to brown anything. The knobs make the experience adjustable to exactly what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the stove weigh?
It weighs approximately 31 pounds.

Does this have a warranty?
The Camp Chef Cooking Stove has a 1-year warranty.

Can this burner be turned down for a low simmer with sauces?
As long as the pan fits on the burner, you’ll be able to adjust the heat of the burner to exactly what you need.

Does it fold up for camping?
The legs can be removed for storage and bringing the stove camping. There’s a carrying case with handle that fits this specifically, but has to be ordered separately.


The Camp Chef Explorer 2 Cooking Stove has two, cast aluminum burners with the ability to pump out 60,000 total BTUs. Only two burners are available in the original packaging, but the stove was created with accessories in mind.

You’ll be able to slip another cooking top directly onto the burners. The flat top griddle and the barbecue have an internal temperature regulator that spreads the heat from the burners evenly to the cooking top. This gives you way more cooking space than just over the burners.

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