California Umbrella 9′ Wind Resistant Tilt Umbrella Review

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This 9′ Wind Resistant Tilt Umbrella from California Umbrella is a bright, well-constructed umbrella that will tilt as you need for complete sun coverage.

It’s lightweight, so it’ll be easy to carry this wherever you want. Take it to the beach or to a local park. Once it’s set up, you can easily move it or tilt as the sun rises and sets on your outdoor adventure.

We love how bright the fabrics are on this lovely umbrella. There are so many colors, too. You can certainly find exactly the color you want to match your patio furniture. There’s no reason to stick with boring, bland beige or brown.

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Features of the California Umbrella 9′ Wind Resistant Tilt Umbrella

  • Easy crank mechanism
  • Aluminum frame
  • Fiberglass ribs
  • Polyester fabric
  • Tilts for sun coverage
  • Various colors

Lightweight yet Durable

As mentioned previously, we find this to be a huge plus. While a lightweight umbrella might get tossed in the wind, it’s easier to carry with you on various outdoor adventures.

All you need is a respectable base that can be filled with dirt, sand, or water. Once you get to your location, you’ll instantly have a durable umbrella against wind and rain.

Easy Crank Mechanism

The easy-to-crank mechanism means quick setup and storage. Carrying this umbrella to the beach or a family picnic is simple because of the lightweight nature of the umbrella. It’s quick to pop it open and set it in the stand, too.

When you’re setting up food, a blanket, towels, or children’s toys, you don’t want to fuss with your umbrella, too. That’s not a concern with this easy-to-crank mechanism.

Aluminum Frame

The aluminum frame is durable and light. It won’t bend in the wind. With the tilting nature of this umbrella, you have to be careful facing it into the wind. A proper base will ensure that it doesn’t fly with the wind.

It’s never a concern that the wind will break the frame. It’ll move slightly with the wind, so as not to break or bend.

Fiberglass Ribs

The ribs are often some of the first things to snap on any umbrella. Whether it’s a rain umbrella you’re holding in your hand or an outdoor umbrella in the backyard, this part of the umbrella’s structure can struggle to stay solid.

The ribs on this umbrella are made of hardy fiberglass. Fiberglass ribs stay free of corrosion. They won’t rust or rot with outdoor moisture. The heat and sun won’t impact the structure of fiberglass, either.

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Polyester Fabric

The polyester fabric of this umbrella is made with an outdoor rating. The company rates the suitability of its fabric on a few factors. They’re providing fabric that has a high UV rating to protect its occupants from the sun. It’ll also resist fading.

They judge the fabric on the solution dye, too. They have some of the most vibrant colors available for their umbrellas. The way the fabric is dyed starts as it’s being weaved, which gives it a superior color steadfastness.

Tilts for Sun Coverage

The beauty of this umbrella is that it is not traditional. It’s a tilting umbrella that can be moved to block the sun. The sun doesn’t exist in one place in the sky all day. It rises and sets, which means you’ll have to move yourself around to get the most amount of shade.

By a certain time of the day, many people give up trying to get any shade at all. They’ll go inside or suffer with the sun in their eyes. With this umbrella, simply move it slightly and tilt it as needed.

Various Colors

As we’ve mentioned previously, the colors available for this umbrella are impressive. We’re huge fans of stepping outside the range of traditional colors. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of lovely color to your outdoor area. You could match this to your furniture or even a particular plant in your garden that you love.

Choose between brick red, lime green, hunter green, white, navy blue, Tuscan orange, antique beige, yellow, taupe, or Pacific blue. They’re all quite beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the overall dimensions of the umbrella portion?
The fabric measures 108 inches by 102 inches by 108 inches. It’s approximately 9 feet around.

Does this come with a base?
You’ll have to purchase the base that works with your adventures. You might need a simple base for using this in your outdoor table, or you might need a base that can be filled with sand or water away from home.

Is there a vented area on the top, so my new umbrella won’t become airborne?
There is a slit at the top of the area that’s valanced. It’ll keep the umbrella from flying in the wind.

Final Thoughts

The California Umbrella 9′ Wind Resistant Tilt Umbrella will fit beautifully in your backyard. It’s equally good to take to the beach or the park, too. Pick the color that makes you happy and gives you joy.

Even if you don’t have anything to match it, you can always buy a few pillows later. Instantly, you’ll have a beautiful outdoor space.

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