Boytone Bluetooth Turntable Briefcase Record Player Review

No party is complete without music. We all know that. People need beats to keep them grounded, and to make them move. More and more party hosts are opting for Bluetooth speakers, which connect to music playing devices like a cellphone, by means of radiowaves. However, Bluetooth may not be the choice for you, especially if you are throwing a retro-styled party.

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We recently wrote some handy articles on how to throw 1920s, 1950s, and 1970s parties. These eras won’t be properly represented by a Bluetooth device, and not to mention that not everyone trusts a Bluetooth device. Things can interfere with the transmission, plus, people who are really into music view their music players as works of art. Or maybe you would like a device that can do all of these things: play records and CDs while accepting radio waves, so you can play virtually anything from your entire collection, whether it be physically substantial or digital files.

For some good old-fashioned musical fun, a turntable will bring nostalgic enjoyment and pump out that classic crackly sound we all love so dearly. The only bad thing about real vintage turntables is they don’t accept compact discs. So how about a record player that puts out amazing sound while also accepting Bluetooth signals, has a CD player, an FM tuner, and auxiliary plug-in? Today we review the perfect dream for any music lover, a contraption that will play any music recording from the past sixty years or so.

BoyTone Bluetooth Turntable Briefcase Record Player Review

Today we review the BoyTone Bluetooth Turntable Briefcase Record Player, an amazing piece of technology that has the ability to convert vinyl records and FM radio to MP3 files all on its own. No computer needed. You can then save all your music to the turntable itself, making for a very convenient piece of technology! It has a ceramic needle that provides increased audio performance with warm and natural tone, and will not harm your records!

boytone bluetooth turntable review

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Bluetooth works by transmitting radiowaves from the device to a receiver. Bluetooth technology is featured in products like tablets, smartphones, iPhones, etc. It enables the transmission of sound without the use of wires. This comes in very handy as wires make a mess, get tangled, and can be chewed or ruined easily. It is fantastic to be able to play old school records while also having the option to play other media files from a phone. There was a huge boom in the popularity of downloading music from about 2002-2007. Recent years, however, have seen a huge blacklash to this, with the purchase of vinyl becoming more popular than ever. Digital files can be deleted or destroyed too easily, and lost. Computers crash. But a record is a physical thing that holds the songs you love, and you can access it anytime over and over again. And we all know that you just can’t compare anything to the sound that a record makes.

boytone briefcase record player

This turntable closes up like a suitcase with latches and a handle for convenient carrying. It also has a rechargeable battery and dual voltage so it can be used all over the world. It comes with two built-in dynamic speakers. It also has a headphone jack so you can enjoy your music all to yourself, or plug in your phone or iPod etc. The turntable mechanism is belt-driven and can play three speeds including 33, 45, and 78 rpm. Also has a USB port and rotary knobs, with digital display. It can handle music formats from almost any generation and convert them to MP3 files so everything can be stored to the device. It measures 16.1 x 13.1 x 5.9 inches and weighs just seven pounds. Comes in a slick black finish making it ultra cool.

boytone turntable bluetooth

This system is completely versatile and convenient. It takes music from virtually any generation and compacts it to MP3 files on the device itself. Its LCD display makes it easy to see, with power indicator and no computer needed. It can be enjoyed anywhere around the world, and easily packs up like a suitcase for easy transportability. It is also lightweight making it a good option for anyone travelling with other things. It has built-in speakers and headphone jack, so you can choose how you listen to the music. It has an auxiliary-in jack so you can play any device through the speaker. Also, in addition to vinyl, radio, and other music, it accepts Bluetooth signals so you can play audio from any device you want. Its versatility and compact look make it popular amongst different ages and genders and folks with different tastes in music. It runs on a lithium battery so you can simply plug in headphones and listen to the recorded MP3 files if you’re, say, on the bus and can’t use the whole record setup. What a cool invention!

This turntable sells for around $100 and comes with a one-year warranty.

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