Bosmere Chiminea Cover Review

When you purchase a chiminea or other backyard element, you’ll want to be able to cover it when the weather is not so nice. It’s not always sunny, even in California. Whether you live in areas that see harsh sunlight, brutally cold winters, or high winds with pelting rain, you’ll want to purchase a cover for your chiminea. You’ll spend hundreds of your hard-earned dollars on a barbecue or chiminea, so it makes sense to maintain them properly. That starts with keeping them covered when they’re not being used.

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Pros of the Bosmere Chiminea Cover

  • Two sizes for snug coverage
  • UV coated to protect from the sun
  • Waterproof
  • PVC backed
  • Brass eyelets

Cons of the Chiminea Cover

  • String tightener can be confusing
  • No color choices

Materials for Sun Protection

The polyester material for the chiminea cover was manufactured with a stabilizer to protect against the harmful UV rays of the sun. The chiminea you purchase will likely be made of clay, which can fade or become brittle in the punishing rays of the sun. It’s vital that you protect the little, outdoor chimney from the serious UV rays that the sun can deliver. The chiminea can bake in the hot sun for hours, which can assault the protective coating on it. The Bosmere Chiminea Cover is made specifically to save the chiminea.

Waterproof for the Elements

Instead of dragging your chiminea out of the rain, a waterproof cover will keep it protected. This is especially important when it’s going to be raining and cold. When moisture hits the clay or metal, it shouldn’t be a problem occasionally. If the water is allowed to pool inside the piece of outdoor equipment, it can freeze when the sun goes down. Water that freezes in the clay fire pot will expand and crack the clay. Water allowed to sit on the metal will rust over time.

If you have a lightweight chiminea, you’ll want to bring it inside when the snow hits. For other chimineas, a waterproof cover is essential to keep the clay or metal lasting for years to come. This cover is backed by PVC on the underside to give it extra waterproof protection. The outside can be cleaned quite easily, too.

Brass Eyelets for Tightening

At the bottom of the cover are brass eyelets. Those eyelets are heavy-duty holes for tightening the cover around the bottom of the outdoor chimney. This keeps the cover from flying away during heavy winds. While the cover is weightier with the materials it uses, the winds of a storm could easily whip the cover from the chimney exposing it to the elements. The eyelets can be used with cord locks if you want to secure the items to the yard where it can’t taken, too.

Fits Over Other Items

There might be times that you need to cover another item instead of the chiminea. This cover can be used for any item that needs to be covered like the fire pit or barbecue. It’s large enough to cover the barbecue as well as the propane tank. The medium cover measures 28 inches in diameter by 34 inches in height. The large cover is 30 inches in diameter and 50 inches in height.

Cleaning Before Use

When you are ready to use the chiminea, you can wipe down the cover before storing it nearby. It shouldn’t be too far in case you need to cover the chiminea for a rain storm. Wiping the cover leaves it clean for the next time you need it, and it also keeps the cover in great condition. If you have the chiminea covered and placed in the garage for the winter, you’ll end up with dust and dirt all over it. That’s dust and dirt that won’t make it into your chiminea, which is fantastic, but you should always clean the cover before folding it away for next time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this protect my barbecue from the snow this winter?
If you need to use this for your barbecue instead of a chiminea, it should be a great substitute for a barbecue cover. It ties at the bottom to keep the cover snug over any item underneath it. Remember to remove the propane tank before storing it for the winter.

Why is this better than a regular tarp?
When you drape a flat tarp over the chiminea, it’s not going to be snug or secure. High winds could rip it right off the item. With a cover, you’re able to slip it over the chiminea and secure the bottom.

This cover is waterproof with materials that are backed by PVC for extra protection. It’s a weighty fabric that can be tied at the bottom to keep it secure around your chiminea. If you’re in a bind, this cover can be used for covering other backyard items, too.

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