The Blue Rooster Pine Chiminea in Antique Green Review

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When it comes to backyard entertaining, we can bet that you picture two things: the first is a comfortable seating area, and the second is a firepit. Fire is integral to backyard entertaining. People have gathered round fires for warmth, conversation, cooking, and drying off, since humans discovered they could make fire themselves over 800 000 years ago.

Nothing brings people together like fire. Fire is just energy, as two elements collide. Fire can do so many amazing things for us, like provide light, warmth, and cook our food. Outdoor fireplaces are very costly and time-consuming to install, and plain old firepits are usually outlawed, especially in city settings. Have no fear! There are options! We recommend investing in a chiminea for your backyard entertaining.

For the purpose of backyard firepits, we have recently really been into the chiminea. They are certainly coming back in style. They were invented in Mexico in the 1600s as a way to cook food with a contained fire, as well as provide heat to the household. Traditionally they are a pot-bellied oven with a smoke stack. The fire burns from the belly and smoke is directed up the stack and away, unlike a regular fire pit or barbecue. They are a brilliant idea for backyard entertaining, as they can do the jobs of barbecue and firepit combined. With a chiminea, you can not only prepare food, but sit around it and enjoy its warmth. No one wants to gather around a barbecue.

We cannot rave enough about the Blue Rooster company, whose designs are often imitated, but whose quality construction and customer service cannot be duplicated. Today we review their model of the pine chiminea in antique green. As statues age, they turn green due to lime. This is the kind of finish that the chiminea has, making it a very cool addition for a backyard.

It will blend in with any landscaping or décor your have. We also like it for its traditional chiminea shape, which is the large bowl and tall chimney stack. Firepits give off a lot of smoke, and with any slight change in wind direction, the smoke can suddenly be all up in your face. A chiminea has a very clever design which directs the smoke up and away, so you can rest assured that you and guests will be able to sit around the chiminea in pure comfort and enjoyment.

The Blue Rooster Company Cast Aluminum Pine Style Wood Burning Chiminea In Antique Green.

This chiminea is made of cast aluminum. Traditionally chimineas are made of clay, but more recent models are made of cast iron and aluminum. Due to the nature of clay, it is prone to cracking over time, due to high heats, or being moved around. Cast iron and aluminum do not have this problem, and aluminum is even more favourable over iron because it weighs less. This comes in handy when you are winterizing your backyard and need to move the chiminea into the shed or the garage.

The pine chiminea comes with a stainless steel screen, bolts, and hardware. It also has a removable rain lid (which you must be sure to remove before starting a fire). It has carry handles on each side, as well as a cast iron bottom grate for fire, and a cast iron grilling insert. You can cook all sorts of foods in a chiminea, from kebabs, to potatoes, to meats, to pizza!

We recommend using a cooking pan for meats and kebabs and things, and a stone for pizzas and breads. Also be sure to let the flames calm down to hot coals before inserting your food. Otherwise your food will burn before it is even cooked, and no one wants that. You can remove the neck to expose the cooking grill. The door opens to the fire area.

blue rooster chiminea review

inea is highly portable as it comes with handles and a removable neck/chimney stack. Not only does it have multiple uses, and is highly portable, but it looks great in any setup. You can use 12-14 inch logs in this model. The cast aluminum is up to 3/4 “ thick in some areas, and the antique green will change colour slightly once it is fired up. You know how it goes: like a good wine, it gets better with age! This is a great option for your backyard patio or even the campsite.

The pine chiminea by Blue Rooster sells for around $400, and will prove to be the perfect investment for your backyard entertainment needs. With it multiple uses, portability, and antique design, this is a unique chiminea that will bring joy, warmth, and tasty food for years to come. We recommend cleaning out the chiminea periodically by removing the old ash and hosing it out. Be sure that it’s fully air-dried before adding a new layer of sand and firelogs.

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