Black & Decker BV6600 High Performance Blower – Vacuum – Mulcher Review

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Today we review the Black and Decker BV6600 High Performance blower, which is also a vacuum and mulcher all in one.

Its multiple uses make it an efficient and convenient tool that not only gathers fallen leaves and other yard debris, but will also vacuum up said debris, shred it down to dust, and collect it in the attached bag.

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A leaf blower is a handy tool when it comes to winterizing your yard. A key step in preparing your yard for the snowy season is removing all debris and fallen leaves from the yard, or at least mulching them (this is done by chopping up the leaves into tiny pieces so they compost nicely in the yard).

If you fail to remove this debris, then more and more leaves pack on top of each other, causing moisture to collect and sit between the leaves and grass without getting a chance to dry out.

This causes rot and turns the yard to absolute muck. Raking is not always an option: it causes muscle strain and exhaustion. A leaf blower and collector is ideal for those of us who cannot rake and bend over to collect leaves.

The Black & Decker BV66000 blower is an electric-powered model, boasting a 12 amp motor, with a blower that runs at 140-250 miles per hour with variable speed selection. It has a disposable leaf bag system and can grind up to sixteen bags of mulch down to one.

Its ease of use, in particular the easy change between vacuum and blower, makes it a top choice for anyone in need of extra help around the yard.

The varying speeds allow controlled cleaning in gardens and flower beds, but is powerful enough to use on matted leaves and the like.

It’s a great system for tool-free changing between vacuum and blower, enabling you to keep your yard tidy. This machine is also very handy for blowing out debris from the garage floor or clearing away a workspace of sawdust and other pieces.

It is a low-noise machine with a high impact metal fan that helps prevent clogging while it grinds the mulch. Weighing in at just 8.1 pounds, it proves to be an easily maneuvered tool, putting as little strain on the user as possible.

The blower is ideal for clearing sidewalks, driveways, garages, patios and more, while the vacuum is great for collecting leaves, grass clippings, twigs and other lawn debris.

If you have a firepit, you can also use the vacuum to collect the leftover ash: just be sure to clean out the bag and tube afterward. Likewise if you use it to clean up twigs or clippings.

Give it the occasional clean and it will take care of your yard for years to come!

The purchase of this three-in-one blower includes the motor head, a blow tube, a vacuum tube, one EZ-Empty reusable collection bag, three disposable leaf bags, diffuser for use with disposable bags, detachable shoulder strap, and one concentrator.

The reusable leaf bag comes with three of its own disposable bags, which line the leaf bag for easy collection and emptying.

For quick and easy clean up, just tie and toss. You will see its amazing power in the way it shreds sticks and leaves to dust.

Of course, you do not have to toss the mulch; you can use it as compost for your garden.

While it is not always convenient to run something on a cord, since you have to drag it around with you, this minor inconvenience keeps the cost low.

Depending on the amount of use you plan to get out of this blower, you may want to order an extra leaf bag or two (the EZ-Empty reusable collection bag).

The blower speed is controlled by an easy speed dial. The attachments are quick to change, while included straps make it very easy to hold.

It is an easy and convenient way to clean the yard, while its lightweight design makes it easy for nearly everyone to use. No more dragging the shop vac around the yard to get the job done.

It’s great for anyone with back issues or little stamina: you don’t have to rake or bend over to collect the leaves anymore. This blower will do all the work for you.

The power and versatility of this model make it a very convenient and helpful tool. Its innovative handle shape makes it very comfortable to hold, as it balances the machine during both blowing and vacuuming.

Keep in mind the bag may get heavy while you are working, so you’ll have to make sure to wear a t-shirt or jacket, or even get a separate padded strap for it.

The Black & Decker BV6600 model sells for around $100, and the manufacturer includes a limited two-year warranty.

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