Who Are the Best Outdoor Lighting Experts in Orange County, California (Our Top 9 Picks)

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Outdoor lighting for your garden or the front of the home has to be installed and maintained properly. Bad lighting can be worse than no light at all. The grounds should be illuminated in a way that is pleasing, not too bright, and will last for years. Part of that long-lasting quality is regular maintenance as well as good installation and design.

With that in mind, we’ve scoured the Orange County area for lighting installers and landscapers who have experience with lighting as well as great customer service and a good track record with other customers. The following is the 5 outdoor lighting experts that we’ve chosen.

Light Bulbs Etc

This company has lighting showrooms in Southern California that offer customers such a wide range of outdoor lighting options. Whether it’s outdoor ceiling fans for your gazebo, landscaping lighting, or gas lanterns in your garden, they have many options for the perfect outdoor oasis.

They were established in 1986 and have been giving customers valuable advice as well as lighting options for every design imaginable. Light Bulbs Etc is a full-service operation that isn’t filled with uncertain salespeople with no expertise. Everyone who works for the company is a lighting specialist accredited from the American Lighting Association. You can call them or visit the show room to get their expert opinions and advice on your outdoor landscape lighting options.

Light Bulbs Etc
1848 Newport Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone: (888) 545-4837

Accent Lighting & Sprinklers

The company was founded in 1998. The founder specialized in residential and commercial landscaping for years. He was born and raised in California, so he has an innate understanding of nature and the elements in the area. He graduated with honors in the fields of greenhouse, irrigation, and landscape lighting.

As a landscaping company, they understand how the plants and greenery has to work together with the outdoor lighting to create a mood and illuminate the right elements between hardscape and softscape. Alex understands that interplay. He’s affiliated with a variety of well-known companies like Vista Lighting, SPJ Lighting, Focus Industries and Rainbird Irrigation.

Call or email to schedule a free consultation to discuss the scope of the job and the design and lighting elements you’d like to see on your property.

Accent Lighting & Sprinklers
1650 N. Glassell Street Ste. P
Orange, CA 92867
(714) 974-4149
Email: accentlightingandsprinkler@gmail.com

Allied Lighting

Whether you’re landscaping the backyard for the first time, or want to add more drama to certain areas, lighting is often the best way to increase the drama. Romantic gazebos and intimate patios come down to the d├ęcor as well as the lighting. Allied Lighting works with contractors, designers and the public to provide a final look that is painted with beautiful rays of light. They have a consulting and design department for customers who need to ask advice before making their purchases.

There’s a showroom that has all the lighting you could ever want to look at for your home. They’ll give you a personal tour of the space with it’s 1,500 square feet of lighting. In the showroom, there’s a simulated home that allows you to see the lighting in action. They focus on a variety of outdoor spaces from the light flanking the front door to sconces on the outside of the home to chandeliers in the outdoor rooms.

Allied Lighting
222 Victoria Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone: (949) 646-3737
Email: alliedlightingcostamesa.com

There’s also a contact form if you want to ask questions directly to their consulting department.

Illuminated Concepts

When you’re thinking about lighting for your property, you might not be considering the lighting that should be placed during the holidays. Imagine pathways to the garden lit with soft, subtle path lighting that changes each season to reflect the holidays. The pool area, patio, shadow lighting as well as architectural lighting on the front of the house will really give depth of light and shadow to the outdoor areas.

After talking to a designer at Illuminated Concepts, you’ll have your eyes opened to all the possibilities for your home’s outdoor lighting. This company has been around since 1989. Prior to starting the company, the owner spent time working on lighting for outdoor concerts, orchestras and choir shows.

The company has received numerous awards over the years. They’ve been featured in local newspapers and magazines as well as being an LED expert according to the Best of Houzz in 2014. They’re licensed and insured for your safety.

Whether you want temporary lighting for an event or permanent lighting for the grounds of your home, you can contact the company for an estimate and design consultation.

Illuminated Concepts Inc.
23011 Moulton Parkway, Suite D7
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 455-9914

Exterior Products Corp.

Exterior lighting can be installed to brighten a property at night, so it can be seen as a showstopper. The pool area, garden, or pathways of an apartment complex or business can be illuminated to give the space a beauty that can be enjoyed after the sun sets. Aside from the permanent lighting, you might not have considered how holiday lighting can be tastefully added to a business or commercial space. You don’t have to have flashing Santa lights that are 10 feet high to be festive. Holiday lighting can be special and classy without being over the top. This company specializes in all kinds of outdoor lighting.

Along with providing customers with fixtures and all electrical needs, the company has qualified contractors who have over 12 years of experience. They service businesses and commercial addresses to give your property a beautiful exterior with incredible lighting.

Exterior Products Corp.
1031 North Shepard Street
Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: (714) 632-3509
Email: sales@exteriorproducts.net

Outdoor Lighting OC

These are licensed electricians with very affordable rates who have stunning ideas for illuminating your yard and home. Along with the qualified electricians to install the lighting, there are designers on staff who can go over your square footage and talk to you about where you’d like to see the most light.

There are always parts of the home that you want to light compared to those that you might not want to showcase. The designers can work with you on a plan that’s suitable for your budget and desires. All the electricians are licensed, bonded, and insured for your safety.

Call or email to start the consultation process.

Outdoor Lighting OC
(714) 987-2289
Email: alfred@outdoorlightingoc.com

DSE Lighting

Outdoor lighting experts like DSE Lighting have provided outdoor lighting options for contractors and landscapers for years. Those professionals know that the company has quality LED technology for outdoor lighting needs. All their products are made from solid copper or brass, so they’ll last for a very long time. Their natural patina finishes won’t rust or peel as they’re exposed to the elements.

The company has pathway and garden lanterns, directional and wall washing lights, task, patio, or deck lighting as well as custom lighting that can be designed for your specific project. Along with fixtures, there’s more that goes into a good lighting design. Wires, nuts, timers, mounts, and finishings are all important to the light in your yard.

DSE Lighting
1941 W. 5th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92703
Phone: (714) 834-9671
Email: mail@dselighting.com

Tru Landscape Services

While many lighting experts believe that you should stick with a lighting company separate from a landscaping company. We believe that when you have one landscaping with the right experience, you get an entire landscaped and illuminated yard that looks incredible. You want the lighting to work organically with the landscaping, and that can only be done when a company understands the garden and landscape of the home itself.

This company does everything from fire pits to ponds and waterfalls to lighting and putting greens. They’ve been in business for over 25 years. It all started with a young teenager who started mowing his neighbors’ yards. All these years later, he’s still doing those yards, but he’s expanded to encompass much of Orange County with his business. The company has received a number of awards. Most notably, Angie’s List customers awarded the company a Super Service Award for 2014.

You can call, email or use the contact form to make an appointment for a consultation with the company. They are open Monday through Friday for phone calls.

Tru Landscape Services
1 (866) 487-1359
Email: info@trulandscape.com

Orange County Night Lights Inc.

The company has been around since 2002 when the owner, Matt, learned that installing lighting was more than installing wires. He understood that the warmth and ambiance of the lighting came from placing the lights in the right location. He loves designing lighting plans for a homeowner and seeing those plans come to fruition.

OC Night Lights is concerned with providing pleasing design concepts to homeowners while avoiding light pollution for your neighbors. Along with a pleasing concept, the company will set up digital and Wi-Fi elements of the lighting as well as repair and maintenance on a routine or emergency basis.

Give them a call to schedule a consultation.

Orange County Night Lights Inc.
16027 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 875-3591
Email: ocnightlights@gmail.com

Outdoor lighting is much like painting with light across a beautiful canvas. Whether you want it to illuminate your garden, pathways, or the architecture of your home, these are 5 of the best outdoor lighting experts for Orange County, California.

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