The Best Natural DIY Cat Repellents For Plants, Furniture, and Yards

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Are stray cats spraying and defecating everywhere and you’re going mad?  First of all, put down that gun! It’s not worth it.

There is this old song, called “The Cat Came Back.” It details the efforts one farmer went through to rid himself of a pesky feline. Including boxing it and throwing it on an outbound train. The train crashed and all were killed, except the cat.

He tried to blow it up with dynamite. Yet it survived.

The moral of the story is, when we try to destroy cats, we end up causing carnage, but the cats will live on.  Ok, I found the song.  May as well share!

Okay, so what are we to do?

I take it the cats ruining your life are not your own? If they are your own, they have behaviour problems, such as spraying on furniture or otherwise doing their business outside the litter box. They might be destroying the furniture by using it as scratching posts. Maybe they are hostile to your love interest(s). I heard of one kitty who pooped in the shoe of his owner’s man-friend. More than once. You have to admit, that is a statement. As it turned out, in this case, the cat had better judgement than the lady in question.

All of those situations need to be dealt with individually, and we will tackle them one at a time in other articles. But for now, let’s suppose the felines driving your crazy and ruining your life are not your cats. Let’s say they are stray cats or a visiting house cat.

Are they screeching and wailing at all hours of the night, keeping you up with their love serenades or their threats to other cats who roam the night?

Are they digging up your flower beds? Pooping in the pansies? Spraying urine on your front door?

All of these scenarios are not uncommon, and they all have one solution. And it does not involve a box of dynamite. Or an empty box car on the freight train.

The solution is simple. Make them avoid your place like the plague.

  • No more strong tomcat scent when you open your door in the morning.
  • A peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Undisturbed garden beds and prize-winning Dahlias.

It can all be yours! At least if the problem really is the feline crossing into your yard.

There are a number of tricks and tips we have covered in another article on how to prevent stray cats from killing all the birds in your yard.  The solutions are similar, if not the same in some cases.

How To Make Your Own DIY Cat Repellent Sprays

One of those is the use of home-made sprays to deter trespassing felines. Use them on the places you don’t want cats to be! If using on furniture, do a test spot first, don’t ruin your wood finish (if the cats haven’t ruined it already!). Here are a few homemade concoctions found to be most effective.

1. Citrus Peel Spray – Bring to a boil 1 cup of orange/citrus peels and 1 cup of water. Cool, strain and fill a household cleaner type spray bottle.

2. Essential Oils – Lemon, Lavender, Citronella, Orange – 6 drops in any combo with pure water to fill a 2 oz (50 ml) glass spray bottle.

3. Vinegar Spray – Requires three ingredients in a 1:1:1 proportion. Simply mix one part vinegar and one part water, shake. Add one part liquid hand soap. Shake and use in a common spray bottle.

However, the best weapon you have for feline border control is a nifty little product called Silent Roar. It will scare the poopies out of the straying cat, BEFORE they get to make the deposit in your yard! It’s not something you can make at home, unless you work at the zoo or have an illegal pet.

That’s because it is made of Lion’s poop. Yes, that’s right.

Cats are very territorial, and you can’t change that—they are made that way. Which is why your front door is getting sprayed by a roving tom. Your door is one of his sign posts alerting other cats to “keep out.” Cats read scent like we read a billboard.

And nothing says Keep Out to a pesky, roaming cat like the scent of a larger, MUCH larger feline. The King of Beasts.

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Simple to use, you just sprinkle it at strategic places along your borders. Especially where the cats are entering. Along the fences or hedges and paths. It will eventually need to be re-sprinkled, but not to worry. It isn’t expensive compared to dynamite! And much less dangerous. Full instructions are included with the product. It’s one of those strange ideas that actually works!

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