Best Choice Products Stone Design Fire Pit Review

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The Best Choice Products Stone Design Fire Pit is a propane-fueled fire pit that can be used on the patio or in the middle of the backyard.

If you want to enjoy the warmth of a roaring fire without all the embers and smoke, this is the fire pit you want. It’s simple to set up in the backyard wherever you plan on enjoying time with friends and family.

You could hide this away in a secret garden for a romantic rendezvous with the love of your life, too. Because the fire pit uses propane, you can sit close to this fire without all the pesky smoke flying into your face.

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Pros of the Best Choice Products Stone Fire Pit

  • Toasty fire
  • Spark ignition button
  • Flame control
  • No cleanup involved
  • Stainless steel burner

Cons of the Stone Fire Pit

  • Propane tank not included

Technical Specs

  • Max output is 30,000 BTUs
  • Uses propane – 20 pound tank (not included)
  • Dimensions are 28” x 9.1”
  • Weighs 40 pounds

Connection Hose and Cover Included

There’s a hose for connecting the propane tank to the fire pit. Inside the box, there’s a cover specifically designed to fit snugly over the stone fire pit. To keep the fire pit from being filled with water when it rains, always use the cover when you’re not enjoying a cozy fire.

Best Choice Products Stone Fire Pit Propane Fueled

Before you can use this fire pit, you have to attach the propane tank. Inside the box, you’ll find a hose for connecting the propane tank to the pit. It takes a standard 20-pound propane tank, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a special tank for the fire pit.

The same tanks that fuel propane grills can be used for this fire pit. There’s no place to put the propane tank under the fire pit, though. You’ll need to place the tank nearby. The hose is long enough for you to hide the tank behind the chairs if you wish.

Under the lava rocks, you’ll find a stainless steel burner. This tough material will stand up against high heat and prolonged fires in this fire pit. You’ll need to be careful about allowing this pit to sit out in the rain. It could cause the metal inside to rust.

No Cleaning Required

The beauty of this fire pit is that you don’t have all the cleaning to do after a fire. With a propane-fueled fire pit, there’s no ash or unburnt logs to clean from the bottom of the pit.

Once you’re done for the night, simply turn the fire pit off and head into the house. If you need to cover the fire pit, wait until it cools, so you don’t end up burning the cover and starting an unintentional fire.

While you don’t need to clean the fire pit after a fire like you would with one that takes logs, you should make sure you have a good connection occasionally. The hose connector for the tank may loosen when it’s left outdoors. Check it frequently to ensure the connection is holding.

After you’re done with the fire pit for the night, turn the dial on the propane tank to the off position. This will stop any propane from leaking out of the tank.

Spark Ignition Button and Flame Control

On the side of the stone fire pit is a control panel. Once the propane tank is attached to the hose and connected to the fire pit, you can start the pit immediately. Turn the dial to low and push the ignition button. The pit shouldn’t take more than one push to start.

Once you’ve turned on the fire pit using the ignition button, you can raise or lower the flame to the desired level. The maximum output of the fire pit is 30,000 BTUs, which can generate a ton of heat. Keep this in mind when you’re raising and lowering the flame. A higher flame will use more propane, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this come with lava rocks?
It certainly does. To really give you a personalized look, you can purchase different colors like red or black. Make sure they are rated for high-heat temperatures.

Can you roast marshmallows over this fire pit?
The flames are fueled by propane, which is what fuels many grills. No reason you couldn’t roast food on sticks over this flame.

Is it safe to sit on the edge of the fire pit?

While it does look possible, you shouldn’t sit on the edge of the fire pit. The design isn’t made for anybody’s weight on the sides.

Why does this fire pit need batteries?
The electric starter needs batteries. If you end up with a starter that becomes weak, it likely needs new ones.


The Best Choice Products Stone Design Fire Pit is fueled by propane with a simple start ignition that makes it a simple, fast way to get a roaring fire in the backyard. You won’t have to dig up some wood, starter fluid or matches to get this fire lit in a hurry.

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