Our Review of the Best 5 Outdoor Loveseats

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Continuing the journey into the best backyard seating and lounging options, it is definitely worthwhile to explore some of the outdoor loveseats available.

We’ve taken a look at several backyard seating options and arrangements, and you’ve probably already heard us rant and rave about the so called zero gravity chairs and their wide array of health benefits, but let’s take a look at some of the highlights in the realm of loveseats for the backyard.

Keter Corfu Outdoor Loveseat

Keter Corfu Love Seat All Weather Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture with Cushions

Starting us off is this simple, yet beautiful outdoor loveseat by Keter.  The sturdy woven mesh design allows it to brave the elements and comfortably reside in your backyard while also providing the best lounging experience for you and one more person of your choice.

The stylish, yet understated, colour scheme ensures it will be a perfect addition to your backyard ensemble regardless of what your overall concept or decor might be.  This chair requires no assembly and comes with extra soft pillows for added comfort.

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Friend for Fun Outdoor Hanging Chair with Cushion

Wooden Hanging Chair Swing With Green Cushion

Upping the ante a little bit, we are going to take a look at this absolutely stunning swinging chair by Friend for Fun. This extra comfortable oyster-style swinging chair is sure to impress if added to your backyard ensemble.  The stunning wooden design is close to impossible to beat, and at the same time, you know it will do no less than dazzle your back and shoulders with comfort and relaxation.

The extra durable hardwood frame is designed to withstand the outdoor environment without trouble, while the oyster-style seat along with the soft padded cushion will ensure a lounging experience which is hard to forget.  As well, the suspension chain allows you to gently rock back and forth as you’re enjoying your afternoon in the sun.

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Outdoor Wooden Loveseat Swingset

Wood Beige Cushion Swinging Loveseat Base With Canopy

Continuing with the hardwood design for outdoor loveseat recliners, this wonderful swingset is a must have for those who take their backyard ensemble seriously.  Designed to be resistant to outdoor environments without any fuss, while at the same time bringing forth stunning aesthetic and design, this loveseat will not let you down.

It is made from beautiful teak stained wood and features an extra soft padded cushion design, along with a very handy canopy to shelter your eyes from the sun.

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Three Person Outdoor Swing Set/Patio Hammock with Canopy

3 Person Outdoor Swing Seat Patio Hammock

This three person outdoor swinging loveseat features a classic yet functional design built to maximize comfort and fun times when you’re having company over.  The standard swinging mechanism, while not as unique as the chain versions, offers a lot more stability and sturdiness when swinging back and forth, especially with up to three people on board.

This particular loveseat excels in quality delivered as well as straightforwardness of design, featuring a padded cushion, an extra large canopy for shelter from the sun, and more than enough room for up to three people to recline comfortably on it.

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ZUO VIVE Delray Reclining Loveseat

ZUO VIVE Delray Reclining Loveseat

Coming in as #1 in our rockstar lineup, the Zuo Vive outdoor recliner has won over our hearts due to one simple feature.  Out of all the reclining outdoor loveseats out there, these allow you to recline the most.  So much so, it basically feels like you are on a bed.  Now, if that does not spark your lounging interest, we don’t know what to say.

This set features a very simple and sturdy woven mesh design that does not require assembly nor fussing with moving parts. However, despite the simplicity, the design and angle that it allows you to recline at are absolutely unbeatable.

As you might expect, it too comes with appropriately sized cushions to maximize your relaxation experience, all while being specifically designed to resist the elements and outdoor exposure.

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Loveseats are without a doubt great, however, it is rare that you can fully set up a backyard lounging space without the use of a couple of chairs and recliners as well.  You should check out our review of the best outdoor recliners as well as the neat little section we put together on something called outdoor zero gravity chairs.

For those wanting to take the zero gravity option, our review of the best outdoor zero gravity recliners out there might be worth a quick read.

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