Belham Living Classically Curved Porch Swing Review

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This is a review of the Classically Curved Porch Swing from Belham Living. It’s crafted using a curved X detail on the back of the seat. It’s a slat style swing with durable wood construction and weather-resistant finish.

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Pros of the Classically Curved Porch Swing

  • Seats two people
  • Durable construction
  • Eucalyptus wood
  • Dark brown stain
  • Weather resistant

Cons of the Porch Swing

  • Back might be too low for some customers

First Impressions of the Classically Curved Porch Swing

As a simple porch swing, this one far exceeds others in terms of design. It has a pleasing bit of architecture to it in the back. While most swings are made with simple slats throughout, this one has curved Xs that make this a unique-looking swing.

While the back isn’t very tall, it’s comfortable and beautiful to look at on a daily basis. When you’re not sitting in the swing enjoying some relaxation, you’ll love how it looks on the porch.

This is an easy-to-assemble swing that has detailed instructions for assembly. All the parts you need should be included in the box including hanging chains. If not, the company is incredibly responsive to customer concerns.

They’ll rectify the situation promptly. If you’d like to purchase longer chains, you can do that quite easily since the swing doesn’t need a certain kind of chain.

Construction and Materials

The swing was crafted using beautiful eucalyptus wood. While many people purchase teak furniture for their outdoor spaces, eucalyptus is actually more durable and less expensive than teak. It’ll weather beautifully if left natural.

For the most part inexpensive outdoor furniture doesn’t last long or wear as well when outdoors, but that isn’t true of eucalyptus furniture. It stays beautiful for years and won’t rot or warp when left outside.

Eucalyptus wood will weather to a silver the same as teak, but that won’t happen with this swing. It’s actually given a coating of weather-resistant stain that protects the wood even further.

The finish is a matte, so if you would like to protect and finish with a shiny protectant, you can do that yourself. It allows a bit of DIY to your outdoor furniture investment.

Assembly and Tools

The swing should come with everything you could possible need for assembly except the extra set of hands. You will need another person to help assemble and hang this swing. The driver won’t stay and assemble this swing for you. He has to finish his deliveries!

You’ll need an electric, portable drill to assemble this swing quickly and efficiently. It’s possible to use a regular screwdriver, but that will take hours to assemble the swing. Instead, you can use the electric screwdriver to attach the seat to the arms and back before hanging this from the ceiling or a swing frame. It’s not very complicated at all.

Measurements – Hanging Your New Swing

The swing measures 48 inches in width by 23.6 inches in depth by 20.5 inches in height. That should inform all your decisions going forward. When measuring the space where you’ll hang the swing, don’t forget to think about how much the swing will arc back and forth. You want to leave a few feet for swinging. Otherwise, you’ll end up banging into the house or other furniture on the porch.

Details We Adore About the Classically Curved Porch Swing

As mentioned above, we love the back detail. It’s unlike most porch swings, so you’ll have this truly piece of original looking furniture on your porch. Some customers didn’t love the height of the back or the slim armrests.

We adore that the most out of all the features of the swing. Many swing options are bulky, and they don’t fit into small spaces. Not everything has a large front or back porch. This swing doesn’t need an excessive amount of room to be beautiful on the porch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a weight limit for the swing?
The weight limit is dictated by the strength of the chain. The manufacturer didn’t recommend a certain amount of weight, but the chains should be able to hold 2 people easily.

How much assembly has to be done?
You won’t have to assemble every slat on the swing. It’ll come with the back, seat, and arms assembled. You’ll need to attach these components to each other.

What else do I need to do to hang it from the ceiling?
The ceiling should be able to handle the weight of the swing as well as the people who will sit on the swing together.

The Classically Curved Porch Swing is made of stunning eucalyptus wood finished in a dark brown that is weather-resistant. It’s a swing with a slim profile that will fit in most spaces where a bulky swing won’t fit.

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