Backyard Discovery Saratoga All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set Review

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Today we review the Saratoga all cedar playset by Backyard Discovery. This playset comes with all kinds of mechanisms and fun that will keep you kids and their friends entertained all day!

In these modern times, it can be difficult getting kids out of the house. It seems at younger and younger ages kids are becoming addicted to technology in the form of computers and video games and refusing to go outside! Exercise is absolutely essential for the health and overall wellbeing of children.

They need access to fresh air. It will help strengthen their muscles and bones and acclimate them to dirt and germs and build healthy immune systems! This playset comes with all kinds of engaging games that will encourage creative problem solving, dexterity and friendly competition.

The Saratoga swing set is one of the most popular sets Backyard Discovery has to offer. It features a clubhouse and an upper play deck, two belt swings, a glider swing, a slide and monkey bars. The slide is a speedy but very safe 8 foot long piece of fun. Access to the monkey bars is granted via a standard easy-up ladder or the clubhouse.

The upper play deck and clubhouse have a spacious wooden roof to allow for shelter from the elements, hide and seek or playing house. Below is a clubhouse with door and windows with mutton bars. Off the back there is a snack/activity bench. The two swings are standard belt swings and there is also a two-person swing set glider.

The snack bench allows for imaginative restaurant games or settling down for an afternoon juice break. The doors and windows promote social learning and communication by incorporating real windows and doors into the playhouse.

The swing beam offers fun for four people at once, including a two-person glider as well as two belt swings, offering fun for everyone at any age! The monkey bars are challenging, building both strength and coordination. The sturdy anchored metal ladder and climbing rungs will not flex or roll while in use.

This full-featured swing set with monkey bars gives a fun twist to traditional backyard sets. Kids will find endless ways to entertain themselves with myriad activities to engage their imaginations. The clubhouse has a door and mutton bars on the windows.

With all-cedar construction, this playset is both attractive and durable right down to the hardware: Backyard Discovery uses exclusive Safe-T-Fuse locking nuts that resist loosening over time, and rounded surfaces don’t catch on clothing or cause scrapes. The heavy duty brackets are made of high strength steel to join all components together.

The powder coating applied to all metal parts ensures maximum protection from the elements. Backyard Discovery makes all of their swing sets and pergolas from 100% cedar wood using a chemical-free stain that is safe for children and animals. This high quality material resists mold and decay.

Additionally, all of the plastic parts are UV resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the equipment fading in the sun. All Backyard Discovery sets meet or exceed ASTM safety standards. They are crafted with care and quality to ensure safe fun for the family!

There is some assembly required, of course. For all hardware with end fasteners, holes have been pre-drilled (such as a bolt and T-nut). For lag and wood screws, some holes are there and some have to be drilled, but the instructions very clearly instruct where those go.

It takes about 8-10 hours with two people working on it. We recommend taking all parts out of the box and lining them up in the yard with according hardware. This way everything will be grouped appropriately and you can check to be sure the hardware is all there. This will cut the assembly time down with good preparation.

The beam holding the swing is approximately 10 feet in length. The recommended age is about 2-8 years of age, maybe up to 10 depending on the child’s interests. However, the swings can hold adults up to 250 pounds, while the fort and monkey bars are not for adults. The set is 11’ tall at the very tip of the roof.

The height inside the lower clubhouse measures 4-4 ½ feet. There is no flooring and no sandbox. You will want to perhaps lay some landscaping material down to stop weeds or grass growing up into the clubhouse.

Cedar makes for an attractive wood, and the symmetry of this swing set’s design will look great in your backyard. You have the option to wait to add the monkey bars in, if, for example, your children are too young or not yet able to hold up their own weight

This attractive and interactive backyard feature will entertain your kids endlessly and encourage physical activity as well as imagination. The Saratoga playset by Backyard Discovery sells for around $900.

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