Backyard Discovery Castle Grey Swing Set Playground Review

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Today we review the Backyard Discovery castle swing set playground. This set includes fort play. It is a metal swing set with a built-in playhouse that is great for hide and seek and role play. It also comes with a rock climbing wall: kids will love the challenge of climbing to the top of this outdoor playset!

Nowadays we see so many parents plopping their kids in front of the television or computer and letting those technologies entertain the kids. Tactile learning is an important part of a child’s development and this set encourages hands-on interaction as well as physical activity to keep your kids active and healthy.

This outdoor playset will encourage the kids to get outside while providing a fun and sheltered place for them to play with friends. The various games will inspire their imaginations as they play pirate ship or hide out in the top or bottom fort playing spies. Best of all it will tire them out so you’ll get a good night’s sleep!

Backyard Discovery used heavy duty components, bolts and accessories for this outdoor playground that is meant for years of backyard fun. It has lots of play features to keep kids entertained all day including: swing set with two swings, web swing, kids slide, climbing ladder, steering wheel, rock wall, tic-tac-toe game table and overhead shade canopy to keep them protected from summer sun.

This set will entertain kids for hours with all of its different games. It will be great for birthday parties and giving the kids something to do on summer days or after school in the evenings. It is safe for kids. It comes with a slide, and is built with safety in mind by the company with over 30 years experience building backyard swing sets for kids.

The rock wall is made of durable resin. Resin is a synthetic material, a very durable thick plastic that will stand up to all weather conditions while being easy on their hands (unlike real rocks or wood, for example). The metal grab handles make getting in and out of the upper fort easy and safe.

The tic-tac-toe table allows kids to relax while sitting at this game table while challenging a friend to a game of good old fashioned tic-tac-toe.

The sturdy metal climbing tree is a fun and challenging way to access the fort. Six steps lead up to the five-foot high play deck. The web swing is a flying saucer shape fun for one or two riders.

This modern, fully-featured castle is for the bravest knights and princesses. The castle Grey swing set has a full spectrum of activities to exercise the muscles, mind and motor skills.

The upper fort has a sleek shade roof and steering wheel for playing captain/pirate ship or the like. This upper fort is accessible by scaling the rock climbing wall or metal ladder tree or standard ladder. It offers fun for all kids no matter their interests or strength levels. Each will find their own favourite corner to spend time in.

The creative adventures await! When they slide back down to the ground floor they may encounter dragons or enemies and have to find treasure. It is grey on the sides and brown on the front; the overall colour is a greyish tan.

The metal is powder-coated, so no staining or sealing is required. The strong metal structure provides a sturdy platform for slides, swings and climbing features. The side panels are made of resin, so you can rest assured they are extremely durable, as well as soft to the touch for children and stay cool on hot summer days.

Together, the powder-coated frame and plastic components offer protection against the elements. All plastic parts are UV resistant. There is nothing more tragic than a faded old playground! As well, all Backyard Discovery sets meet or exceed the toughest safety standards set by ASTM Standards.

Altogether the set measures approximately 179x213x130 inches. The slide is about 5 feet tall at its highest point. The canopies are made of canvas tarp to protect your children and their friends from the summer sun. This set is designed for home/backyard use only: for example, it won’t work at a school or public playground due to the size and number of people it can hold.

In terms of securing it to the ground, ground anchors are included. You will want to install those as instructed and then cover with wood chips (or grass). You cannot alter the original layout of the swing set: it must be built according to instruction.

Assembly will take a while. With the help of one or two extra people, you may have it done in eight hours. Your other option is to hire someone to build it. The instructions are pictures, so you have to pay very close attention to the detail in them.

This set sells for around $1600.

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