Backyard Basics Chiminea Cover Review

The Backyard Basics Chiminea Cover is a durable, water resistant material that will keep your outdoor chimney protected in all kinds of bad weather. While nothing can protect your outdoor items in a hurricane or tornado, it’s great for thunderstorms or the snows of winter. High winds and heavy rains are not match for this weather-resistant cover.

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Pros of the Backyard Basics Chiminea Cover

  • Weather resistant
  • 100% PVC free
  • Eco-tech materials
  • Lightweight yet durable

Cons of the Basics Chiminea Cover

  • Won’t fit other items
  • Only one color available

First Impressions

Our first impression of the Backyard Basics Chiminea Cover is that it will fit snugly around your backyard chimney as long as you measure it correctly. It has some very important features that you’ll want to see in your chimney cover. For example, it has durable materials that are resistant to the elements throughout the year. It has a sturdy material at the bottom of the cover to hold it tight against high winds, too.

Elastic Bottom

As mentioned above, the elastic on the bottom of the cover can be cinched closed to protect the chimney and keep the cover from flying away in high winds. The elastic bottom is sturdy and will stand against very high winds. It’ll stop the cover from flapping around and allowing water to enter and ruin the chiminea.

Chiminea Cover Better than a Tarp

Many people ask why they wouldn’t just use an inexpensive tarp to cover the outdoor chimney. That’s certainly an option, but it won’t protect like a cover specifically made for a chiminea. When the tarp is placed over the chimney it’s not covering all the parts of the chimney completely.

Instead of having a tight, waterproof barrier between the chimney and the elements, the tarp will only provide a flimsy sheet of plastic. The plastic will flap and fly around during wind storms. In fact, you might end up outside in the rain trying to cover the chiminea, so it doesn’t get ruined. The tarp might even fly off and disappear in a particularly strong storm.


It’s important that you measure your chiminea before you make your purchase. You don’t want to end up with a cover that doesn’t fit. The cover isn’t just a square of material that can slip over any style or type of outdoor chimney. The bottom of the cover is 26 inches in diameter. From the bottom, it becomes smaller until you get to the top, which is 14 inches in diameter. The cover from top to bottom is 40 inches.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The water resistant, eco-friendly materials keep the rain, snow, and wind from penetrating the cover and attacking the outdoor chimney. Most chimneys made of clay can’t handle being wet then dealing with freezing temperatures. The chiminea will crack if the water freezes since freezing water expands.

For metal outdoor chimneys, you’ll want to ensure that you’re using waterproof covers because the chiminea can rust over time. You don’t want to have to replace the outdoor chimney after a short amount of time because it was left out in the rain and snow.

Water beads on the surface of the cover and runs off immediately. While the cover might seem thin to some, it’s tough and sturdy against anything a storm could throw at it.

Sun Protection

The chiminea cover protects your outdoor chimney against the harsh rays of the sun. Iron and clay are two of the most popular materials for your outdoor chimney and both react differently to the sun. While the clay chiminea is better for handling the heat of the fire, they’re not great under the punishing rays of the sun.

You’ll want to cover the clay pot and keep it out of the sun where it can fade and become cracked. The iron chiminea can fade and rust while in the sun and rain. While they can easily be repainted if they fade, it’s difficult to remove all the rust from the item. Rust will weaken the metal, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should my chiminea be brought indoors?
If you’re going to use the chiminea throughout the year because you have mild winters, you don’t have to bring it indoors. You can cover it instead. If you experience harsh, freezing winters, it might be better to bring your chiminea into the garage.

How do I measure my chiminea for a cover?
You’ll want to measure the height of the chiminea as well as the roundest point of the chimney. The cover should reach all the way to the ground and the roundest part is what will stop the cover from reaching the ground.

The Backyard Basics Chiminea Cover is a water-resistant, UV protector against the elements. It’ll keep your chiminea from being ruined in the sun every day as well as during serious rain storms. High winds can be a problem when you’re trying to keep the rain off the outdoor chimney, but this cover will stay secure.

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