Aztec Allure Cast Iron Pizza Oven Chiminea Review

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Chimineas date all the way back to the 1600s when they were invented in Mexico as a means of cooking food and providing heat. They have wavered in popularity since then, and recently we have seen a huge explosion of interest toward them.

More and more we see people favouring chimineas over barbecues or backyard fire pits and this is due to many different reasons. Barbecues are a classic summertime accessory that make a smoked food flavor like nothing else. However, propane is a bit of a fire and safety hazard, and often we have seen barbecue fires get out of control very quickly!

For some people in big cities, the chiminea is the only option for a backyard fire since in-ground firepits tend to be outlawed. For those of us who like to entertain, a source of fire is crucial. Fire pits bring people together to enjoy the warmth, light, and perhaps cook some food. As the sun sets, and summer nights cool off, a fire pit provides just enough warmth and acts as a focal point to any gathering. Even when a firepit or a barbecue are options, we favour the chiminea for several reasons.

The chiminea has both functions in one unit: you can enjoy a warm campfire with a chiminea, but you can also cook food in it. Even when they are not in use, a chiminea provides a rustic, classic ornament to any yard. Barbecues are plain old ugly and so are firepits. Chimineas, due to their potbelly bowl and chimney stack, are designed to direct smoke away from your face, which is one of the least enjoyable things about an open fire.

Deeco DM-0039-IA-C Aztec Allure Cast Iron Pizza Oven Chiminea review

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Today we are looking at and reviewing the Aztec Allure cast iron chiminea, which is a pizza oven! It features double cast iron construction for extreme durability and reliability. It comes with a spark screen, very important as embers have the tendency to fly. This chiminea is a brilliant design, with the main firepit below, and a separate, fiberglass-lined pizza oven top.

Immersing food into flames will burn the food before it even cooks, so usually we tell you to let the coals smoulder before putting your food in. this chiminea, with its separated designated pizza oven up top, enables you to enjoy a roaring fire while cooking your food at the same time. The fiberglass lining ensures locked in heat for a thorough cook.

You will need to purchase a pizza stone for this chiminea. A pizza stone is different from a simple metal pan; it will absorb the heat and spread it thoroughly throughout the crust at a slightly slower rate, and we guarantee you’ll have never had a pizza until you’ve had a woodfire cooked crust.

aztec allure chiminea review

This is a real statement piece for any patio, and can be enjoyed by families, couples, and party guests all the same. And of course, because it is designed for bread, you can not only use it for pizza nights, but also for artisan breads! Need we mention marshmallows, s’mores, and apple pie? Oh yes. See if you leave your backyard ever again.

All the neighbours and friends will want to party at your place with this awesome chiminea. We like the cast iron chimineas for their ability to ensure high heats. Clay models are prone to cracking due to time and heat.

This is a great addition for any yard, because it serves so many purposes in one handy compact vessel. You will find summer nights far more enjoyable with something to retreat to in the yard. It can serve as a focal point for any party, you can barbecue with it, grill, bake, or simply enjoy a roaring fire with friends. Its larger size means it can handle regular fireplace logs and cook a decently sized pizza or several smaller meals at once.

It will come with instructions on how to cook with it, so be sure to read those over. We cannot stress enough that you must let the fire die down to embers before cooking. The cast iron holds heat really well and radiates it nicely, making it perfect for evenings and nighttime outdoors.

aztec allure

The top includes a rain lid for when you are not using the chiminea. The rain lid also keeps out other debris such as leaves and bird droppings. This chiminea measures 16” by 18.5” and stands 44” tall. It can cook a pizza up to 14 inches in diameter, which is standardly known as a large pizza at pizzerias.

This item ships in three pieces that are already assembled and just need to be stacked atop one another. The Aztec Allure is a bronzey oven that is very well made and will look beautiful in your yard, while serving dual functions simultaneously: a roaring fire and a cooking grill. Other features include cast iron decorated feet and a hinged spark screen door.

Best of all, the chiminea comes with a removable ash drawer for easy and fast cleanup. It is very heavy and we recommend getting a helper to set it up. It sells for around $550.

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