Aspen Tree Interiors 6′ Classic Lutyens Porch Swing Day Bed Review

We absolutely love the quality craftsmanship of wood furniture constructed by the Amish community. Each piece of furniture is handcrafted using the best materials available. They craft each piece with pride, and you can rest assured that you’re receiving carefully crafted items that will last for a very long time.

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Pros of the 6′ Classic Lutyens Porch Swing Bed

  • Variety of beautiful colors
  • Amish made
  • Crafted in the US
  • Hardware for assembly and installation included

Cons of the Swing Bed

  • Needs assembly

First Impressions

Normally, when we learn that there are pieces missing that you have to purchase yourself, we’d list that as a disadvantage for the product. In this case, we believe that the missing item leaves you at an advantage. We’d call it a benefit even.

The swing bed doesn’t come with a mattress or pillows, but that means you can pick the right mattress for the swing yourself. Instead of a thin piece of foam, you can choose a thick memory foam that feels incredible as you’re relaxing in your porch swing. Choose the best pillows that fit your décor, too.

The swing bed comes in 9 colors including black, olive, bright red, lime, and yellow. You don’t have to worry about staining or painting your new porch swing. It’s already done for you! The color choices are incredible.

Personally, we love the lime for a pop of color on your porch. It might be too bold for some, but you can tone down any of the colors with neutral pillows and throws.

Natural Materials

The crafter chose knot-free yellow pine because it has properties that make it an incredible wood for outdoor furniture. It has a strength and durability, which is important in the wood for your porch swing.

It won’t splinter or break over the years as it’s exposed to the elements. It actually rivals teak because you can leave it unfinished for outdoor use, and it’ll only take some oil or sanding to bring it back to life. Fortunately, these swing beds are already painted for your enjoyment anyway, so that’s not a concern.

Specifications & Details

When you receive your swing on delivery day, you’ll find that it’s in several pieces. It’s your responsibility to put the pieces together and hang it from the porch’s ceiling. It’s recommended that you have a crew to help you carry the swing from the truck to the backyard. The delivery is curbside only. The driver won’t help pull it from the truck or place it on your porch.

If you don’t have anyone to bring it to the porch or install it, consider hiring a handyman and a few people for an hour. They’ll quickly and easily assemble and install the swing for you.

You’ll have to make sure that you’re installing the swing in a post of the roof that can handle the weight. The hardware for installation is included in the swing purchase, but you might want to purchase more heavy-duty chain if you plan on having multiple people relaxing on this swing bed.

The inside of the bed measures 68” W x 38” D x 28” H. The outside of the bed measures 78” x 47”D x 32” H. You’ll need to ensure that your swing bed has enough clearance to swing properly. You don’t want it to bang into the side of the house every time someone gets in or out of the swing.

Events and Suggestions for Use

If you’re wondering what kind of fun you can have with your swing bed, we’re here to tell you that there are plenty of opportunities for this swing bed. In the summer time, you can use it for outdoor movie parties with friends and family. Set up an inflatable movie screen in the back yard and enjoy snuggling in the swing bed with popcorn. Children can play games together while sitting on the swing bed, too. At night, you can enjoy a glass of wine while listening to the quiet peacefulness of your yard.

You don’t have to remove the swing in the cooler months, either. Whether you have a screened in porch or not, you can place a small outdoor heater on the porch, so you’re able to relax in the swing bed under some fluffy blankets. Imagine a cup of hot cocoa under the blankets while you watch the kids in the backyard making snowmen or having a snowball fight. It’s a great place to sit while waiting for your furry friend to do their business outside in the winter, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of mattress will fit in this 6′ Classic Lutyens Porch Swing Bed?
This 6′ swing bed can hold a mattress up to 68 inches wide and 38 inches deep.

Can you tell me the exact colors of the bed?
There’s greige (a gray beige), dark olive, evergreen, lime, white, blue, yellow, Chinese red, and black.


This swing bed is created by artisan craftsman who spend time on making quality products. You’ll need to purchase a cushion or mattress for this bed, but it’ll allow you to get a better one that what might have been provided. Pick a color that complements the home or one that really pops against the house color. Be adventurous and choose a bright color!

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