Ariens Deluxe 306cc Two-Stage Snowblower Review

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Leaving snow and ice on your driveway is dangerous, but it can also interfere with the health of your lawn. Especially if you end up having to put down salt because you didn’t clear the driveway properly.

Once the ice melts, or it rains, that salt will drain into the lawn. The best way to keep the lawn healthy is to remove the snow and ice completely without adding chemicals.

That can be done with a snowblower. Along with creating a healthier lawn, you are reducing the chance of injury when the cold weather hits.

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Pros of the Ariens Deluxe 306cc Two-Stage Snowblower

  • Auto-turn
  • Heated hand grips
  • Powerful throwing for distance
  • Great fuel economy
  • Solid and stable
  • Grippy tires
  • EFI engine
  • 2 modes
  • 3-year warranty

Cons of the Deluxe Two-Stage Snowblower

  • Light could be more powerful

First Impressions

This is a powerful machine that will make quick work of light snowfall as well as bringing the power when there’s substantial snowfalls. With most snowblowers, you’re going to have to deal with a primer and choke system. It’s been standard on snowblowers for years.

This snowblower has an EFI engine, which was the first ever in the industry. The EZ Launch EFI system makes it much easier to start the snowblower in cold conditions, too.

You won’t spend hours out in the snow priming the engine or pulling cords continuously. All you have to do is turn the key, pull the starter cord, and press the button.

The engine isn’t the only great thing about this snowblower. While it’s a major advantage, there are other fine things that you should worry about with your snowblower like great tires. There are also little conveniences that make this an incredible purchase.

EFI Engine & Maintenance

In a common carburetor type engine, you’ll experience dips in performance as the machine hits large drifts in the driveway.

That won’t happen with the EFI. It’ll maintain a constant speed and throwing capacity due to the electric governor of the EZ-Launch.

This type of system doesn’t require as much maintenance before storing it away for the off-season, either. That’s an incredible convenience, and will ease your mind when you pull it out of storage for the first snowfall.

You won’t wonder whether it’ll start or leave you fumbling for a shovel.

Auto-Turn System

After the engine, this is a convenience that we love the most. The best snowblowers seem to lead the way when you’re the one who is pushing. They grip the ground and pull themselves along while tossing snow high into the air.

You don’t have to struggle to push it as if it were a car being pushed uphill. With the auto-turn system, you’re going to feel as if you’re strolling along doing almost nothing.

As you turn, the system anticipates the motion and helps you make the rest of the turn. You won’t have to contort your body or throw your weight into making a turn with this snowblower.

Snow Tread Tires

The tires themselves can make a huge difference in the effectiveness and efficiency of your snowblower. Ideally, you want to clear the driveway down to the pavement or stone, but that’s not always going to be possible.

You’re going to get as close as you can, but you’ll need tires that can grip on snow and ice. Especially if this isn’t the first snowstorm of the season. These tires are 16 inch by 4.8 inch directional tread, which gives you a huge amount of grip on the ground. Even if it’s covered with snow.

Heated Handgrips

There are handwarmers installed in the handles of this snowblower. If you’re out there trying to keep up with the falling snow, you’re likely freezing your butt off while trying to stay ahead of it. With this snowblower, you don’t have to bundle up to take a quick trip up and down the driveway.

Instead of waiting until there’s several inches on the ground, it’s simple to run outside with just a jacket and hat to quickly remove the few inches that have fallen. If it’s incredibly cold, the heated handlebars will penetrate the cloth of the gloves to warm your entire hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far can light snow shoot into the air?
When you’re clearing the driveway, you want to keep the snow from falling back onto the surfaces you’re clearing. This will throw light snow up to 70 feet. Should also be kept in mind if you’re in a small area close to the house.

Should the battery be charged for a long time before use?
When you unpack the snowblower, it’ll need to be charged for 24-36 hours.

This Ariens Deluxe 306cc Two-Stage Snowblower is a great way to remove the snow from your driveway. It has a ton of extra features that make it well worth the price. Between the heated handgrips and the EFI engine, you have power as well as luxury in one machine.

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