AmazonBasics Commercial Patio Heater Review

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The AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater is a propane-fueled heater that can be used outdoors in a hard-top gazebo, on a patio, or an open porch to enjoy the outdoors without being cold.

It’s a great heater for events, too. You’ll never hear the heater noise over your guests, either. The base is wide and heavy enough to keep the heater from falling over.

There are also great safety features that will keep automatically shut down the heater to avoid a fire hazard.

Amazonbasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater

Features of the Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

  • Powder finish
  • Safety shut-off valve
  • Piezo ignition
  • Beautiful color
  • Propane fueled
  • Sturdy base
  • 46,000 BTUs

Cons of the Patio Heater

  • Color appears gray in the shade

Safety Shut-Off Tilt Valve

While the base is secure enough to ensure that the heater stands upright, there’s a safety shut-off feature that will turn the heater off if it tilts. This will keep the heater from creating a hazard if it’s knocked over.

If you’re truly concerned about the base tipping, you can add water or sand to the reservoir system in the base of the heater. The heater won’t stand upright in high winds, so that’s something to consider with this heater.

Piezo Ignition

After attaching a 20 pound propane tank, which isn’t included, all you have to do it hit the ignition button. Instantly you’ll have heat blazing through the vents of this outdoor patio heater. Above the ignition switch is a control knob that will give you high or low heating settings. It can also be shut down for the night with the control knob, too.

Propane Heating System

The heater is fueled with a propane system, but as it was mentioned previously, the system doesn’t come with its own propane. It does have an attachment to easily add the tank to the heater.

The 46,000 BTUs of heat will warm 18 feet around the heater. If you’re hoping to heat the patio during a winter event, have hot coffee on the patio at night, or enjoy the patio throughout the year, the heater provides an incredible amount of heat for the space.

The propane tank to be added to this heater should be a slim cylinder, so it can fit in the bottom of the heater. You’ll want to hide the LP tank in the shaft of the heater, so you can move it from one place to another as needed.

Mobile Stand

The heater is lightweight, so you can move it quite easily. Out on the porch or patio, it’s likely that there will be someone who is closer to the elements or wants more heat than anyone else. The heater has wheels to push the heater smoothly wherever it’s needed.

Quiet and Soothing Heat

There’s no hissing flames or smoke to worry about with this heater. While a fire pit with a blazing fire has its place, there are times when it’s not appropriate. If you’re hosting your daughter’s wedding reception in a tent in the backyard, you don’t want a blazing, smoky fire in the middle of the gazebo.

A few of these heaters will ensure that everyone is toasty warm without worrying that a tipsy guest might knock one of them over. Some heaters are very noisy, but this one is whisper-quiet.

Powder Finish on theĀ AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

The powder coating on the heater is baked on, so you don’t have to worry about the heater’s finish peeling or become rusted. The powder finish was baked onto a solid, stainless steel construction, so this heater will last for years even if you happen to leave it on the porch or patio when it’s raining outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the heat reach low on the floor to warm people’s toes?
It will warm your toes wonderfully. Some people use it for heating an area where they keep their young animals, and it’s perfect as long as they’re supervised.

Should this be covered when it’s not being used?
Most appliances like heaters should be covered when they’re outdoors. The heater doesn’t always have to be covered, though, because this heater has a baked-on, powder finish that protects it.

How much clearance does this heater need?
The instructions for this heater say that you need 3 feet of clearance around it. It would also depend on the material that is close to the heater. While wood might not be a problem, fabric should be further away.

The AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater is fantastic for a porch or patio where you want to sit and enjoy the outdoors, but not freeze your butt off in the process. Sit outside while the rain is coming down while enjoying a glass of wine with your significant other. You’ll be toasty warm inside and out.

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