Alpine Waterfall Tabletop Fountain with LED Light Review

Alpine Waterfall Tabletop Fountain with LED Light Review

Ahh, summer. You’ve just installed your new patio and have your furniture all set up. Mornings, afternoons, and nights in the backyard, enjoying the sun and listening to the soft wind dance through the trees and grass. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. But you feel that something is missing. An element that you forgot about. You take a sip of your cool beverage and remember…water! There is no water feature in the backyard!

Perhaps a pool is too expensive, and you just don’t have room for a pond. Or, perhaps you don’t want to deal with the upkeep of a full water feature, but you would like a little something in your yard. A birdbath just won’t cut it. You want to hear running water and think of a trickling brook. The thought keeps you cool and calms your soul. You look at your table and think, “Yes, I’ve got it! I wonder if there is a water feature that could sit upon my table.” There certainly is such a product, and today we will review the Alpine Waterfall Tabletop Fountain.

This fountain produces three streams that each run into their own pool.  Each pool is illuminated by an LED light. Made of high-quality fiberglass, it has a very realistic look and feel to stone, from the colour variation to the texture. Fiberglass is very durable, but is simultaneously lightweight. The fountain only weighs as much as a newborn – eight pounds – so it is easy to move around, and will not put stress on your tabletop. It stands thirteen inches tall, approximately nine inches wide, and seven inches deep.

It runs on a power cord and comes with three LED lights that add just a bit of glow to create sparkling streams, perfect for nighttime entertaining or relaxing. The lights have their own wiring, so they can be disconnected if you prefer to enjoy the water on its own. All wires are fully submersible. The pump includes wire ties, allowing you to hide them in the back of the fountain. Wires are not visible while the fountain is running. Further, its careful design ensures that the fountain remains balanced and standing. It is a very durable item. It requires just over a litre of water to fill the reservoir. We recommend leaving a bottle of water near the fountain in case you need to refill.

It would be prudent to decide upon the speed setting before you fully assemble the fountain, as the switch is located on the pump, which must be fully submerged to run properly. Setup is simple, involving a quick connection of the pipe to the pump. Beware water evaporation. Keep an eye on the water level – the basin may have to be refilled every couple of days, depending on weather conditions, or your speed setting. Finally, because we are dealing with water, the fountain has the tendency to collect algae. Simply add bleach and let it run through the system whenever you notice build-up. Alternatively, use distilled water only.

The sound of gently running water is soothing, relaxing, and meditative, providing just the right amount of natural background noise to take you up and away from the chaos of daily life. It is a fun feature for guests to enjoy, whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, or having a few beers with friends. The key to a good design is repetition, and this applies to backyard design as well. For example, this fountain would look great set up amongst a stone patio, but will save you the high cost. In fact, the natural stone look complements just about any other natural material, like wood, or anything in the garden. The fountain can set up virtually anywhere there is access to an outlet. Try setting it beside a backyard swing, or next to an arbor for a cosy, tranquil haven. The fountain’s motor is quiet, and you can customize the water’s volume by using the included sponge inserts, or adding tiny stones to the pools or taking them away. Water is the sound of life, growth, cleansing, and renewal. Naturally, its presence helps to centre the human spirit. Its constant trickling can be reassuring and may even help to curb some nausea if a guest has had one drink too many.

Alpine Waterfall Tabletop Fountain with LED Light Review

A running water feature is the perfect addition to any yard, and is suitable for indoor use, too. So you can enjoy it year-round if you live in a northern climate. This water fountain will add a soft touch to your surroundings, a continual natural sound that is sure to soothe the mind and help you relax. As a final note: do not allow your pets or birds to drink out of this fountain. Though the water cycles again and again, it is not sanitary for them.

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