Acurite Pro Color Weather Station Review

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So you love to entertain in the backyard. It’s springtime and you’ve all kinds of plans for the space this year.

Your Pinterest board is full of inspiration and you’ve been collecting recipes, working on the gardens, and renovating some of the space. You’ve got all of that under control, but what about the atmosphere?

It is difficult to trust the weather channels because their information is constantly changing, and may differ from your experience depending on your location.  

The forecast says today is going to be slightly overcast, but you look up and see this…

ominous sky

Hmm…perhaps the backyard BBQ you have planned should be re-scheduled.  Sure you could get a regular mercury thermometer for the window, but there are lots of cool looking, multi-function, reliable weather stations you can hook up and check from the comfort of your own home.

Why get a weather station? For convenience, of course. You can check the exact conditions of temperature, humidity, rain, and wind without having to step outside in the muck of it.

This way you can trust the information right in front of you without going through a third party. Forecasts tend to be regional, and are very generalized.

With your own weather station, you’ll be able to get the information right from your backyard so you know what is really happening out there.

Acurite Pro-Colour Weather Station Review

Today we review the Acurite pro-colour Weather Station. This baby is a five in one deal. It uses a wireless sensor that accurately measures the temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rain conditions!

It also has the ability for rainfall tracking by day, month, year, and all-time, so you can look back at previous weather patterns to make plans for any coming season.

It has Weather Ticker technology that streams real-time data including the moon phase, indoor comfort level, and more.

Plus, not only does it display the measured temperature, but also what the temperature “feels like”, so you can accurately and comfortably plan your day around it.

It includes one illuminated colour display with manual and auto-dimming brightness. It is electric-powered and has optional battery backup.

This might be handy because we all know that certain weather conditions can put the power out, in which scenarios you want to know exactly what is happening.

Additionally, it can be expanded to connect additional displays for viewing data in multiple rooms (sold separately).

AcuRite 01512 Pro Color Weather Station review

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Plan With Confidence

This technology will allow you to plan your day with confidence. You’ll be able to have pinpoint accuracy right in your own backyard with this weather station. It uses self-calibrating patent technology to provide a forecast of twelve to twenty-four hour weather conditions.

The forecast is generated from weather data that is measured by the weather sensor in your yard, giving you the most accurate forecast for your location.

You can check things like rain and rainfall history, the wind’s speed and direction, the actual temperature and feels-like temperature, humidity percentage, barometric pressure (lots of us get headaches so this is an important one), high and low records, as well as the weather forecast.

acurite weather station

Versatile & Durable

The weather sensor stands in the yard and can work down to -40 degrees. It has a battery life of two years and is entirely wireless, plus it’s very easy to install.

The weather station will measure rainfall and display it in inches or millimetres, while measuring accumulation for today, all-time, by year and month; you can also view the total number of rainy days in each month, as well as the number of days since the last recorded rainfall.

It will track wind speeds up to 99 miles per hour (159 kilometres per hour). The direction is indicated using a sixteen-point windrose. The display also tells you the two previous wind directions, so you can track weather patterns.

The weather ticker streams real-time information as a text message to your indoor display. The messages include moon phase, comfort level conditions, and high and low records (for example, “Highest outdoor temperature this week”).

The display has an auto-dim that adjusts the brightness according to time of day and year.

Acurite Pro Color Weather Station 1

Collect & Analyze Your Own Data

Unlike regional forecasts, this tailors the information specifically to what is measured in your very backyard. It can analyze changes in pressure and temperature over the course of fourteen days, which will calculate your altitude.

The distance between the weather station and indoor display is up to 330 feet.

The weather station can even be out in the sun, as there is an inside fan to cool the system in direct solar light. Measuring changes in barometric pressure is how it calculates the forecast.

You will have to keep in mind, while setting this up, that it needs to be in open air so organic winds will hit it, as well as rain and sun conditions. This will help you get the most accurate information possible.

It comes with mounting hardware and is very easy to set up. The Acurite Weather Station we feel is well worth the money.  It sells for around $130 and comes with a one-year warranty.

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