Abba Butterfly Gazebo Review

Are you hosting an outdoor event? Attending one, and don’t want to burn in the sun all day? Get yourself a portable gazebo. They are a great alternative to a permanent installation. Portable canopies or gazebos are lightweight, set up and take down in minutes, and are relatively affordable. It is easy to find one that suits your needs and your budget. Permanent gazebos are costly and signify a great commitment to your living situation. It is nice to have a shelter in your backyard, but it’s even nicer when you can pick it up and move it with you wherever you go. For example, portable gazebos are great for camping trips, garage sales, day trips to the beach, bake sales, and of course, backyard entertaining. Their versatility makes them an ever-increasingly popular choice for families, event hosts, and avid campers alike.

Abba Butterfly Gazebo Review

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We have found a pretty special one: the Abba Butterfly gazebo. It is so named for its butterfly shape, of course! When open and fully set up, it seems to float with the aerodynamic elegance that a butterfly exudes when in flight. It dips in the middle while the left and right side angle upward like wings. Its unique shape gives the butterfly gazebo an aesthetic advantage over other gazebos, which are typically rectangular and rather boring. Its interesting shape can even lend to being the focal point for a wedding or dinner party. Simply set up the butterfly gazebo and drape some lace around it, and perhaps some flowers. You can save yourself lots of money by doing this. Of course, it is only 12×12 and would only sit maybe twelve people beneath it, but this adds to the intimacy if that’s the effect you’re going for. Of course, the gazebo’s main purpose is to provide shade from a blaring sun, and you will find that you and you guests are much cooler while sitting beneath it. However, there are many possibilities for the gazebo once you have it! As mentioned, it can be used as a canopy for an intimate seating area, or for any special event. It looks nice on its own, with its very contemporary design, but can easily be customized and decorated to suit your needs and taste.

That canopy is composed of very durable polyester, weighing in at 250 grams per square inch. That’s heavy duty, baby! It does a very nice job of shading one from the sun. It measures twelve by twelve feet, providing ample space for you and guests to gather and set up beneath its shelter. At its center, it is just about nine feet tall, which gives plenty overhead space while providing lots of shade beneath. Its frame is made from corrosion-resistant powder coated steel, an important feature in an outdoor accessory. Two sides are shorter, about eight feet tall, and this angle allows rain to run off, so you don’t have to worry about water pooling and growing mold or collapsing the canopy. It simply runs off the lower corners. This truly is a well-made gazebo, thoughtfully designed and perfectly executed.

Its fabric and poles are built to withstand bad weather, and do not rust. The very fact that they can take rain without crumbling gives them an advantage over other canopies out there. It will stand up to rain, wind, and sunlight without showing wear and tear. It is an investment you can count on seeing you through summers to come. Once the gazebo is set up, it won’t be going anywhere. Be sure of where you want to put it! Pay attention to where the sun hits your yard. Each leg has four holes for bolts, so you can even drill it into concrete if you so desire. We don’t recommend this unless you plan to take the bolts out before winter and reinstall every spring. While the canopy is definitely built to last, you should be good to your canopy and take it inside for the winter. Why leave it sitting out in snow and wind when you’re not even using it?

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When you purchase the gazebo, be sure to have another person to help you set it up. It takes about an hour to get it up and going. It can be rather heavy and cumbersome for just one person. However, its weight will give you full confidence in how sturdy it is. It is wide enough for a car to drive through! Its impressive shape will give your confidence in showing off your yard as you entertain family and friends. In fact, it may inspire you to do lots more entertaining! Twelve by twelve feet means 144 square feet, which is larger than the average bedroom. It is big and roomy, and does not feel oppressive the way some canopies can when standing over your head. The fabric is a light tan colour. Its light khaki tint allows light to shine through, but removes the intensity and heat of a direct sun’s glare. It also leaves the area underneath feeling roomy and airy. Since it is a natural tone, it will blend into outdoor settings no matter your landscaping or surroundings.

Having this great outdoor accessory will inspire you and get you excited to host all kinds of hangouts and barbecues. You and your guests will be noticeably cooler and comfortable while hanging out beneath it. Sells for around $300.

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